Karen - San Diego , California

When you make a selection, the channels or apps just keep ” spinning” from one to another. No matter which arrows you pick, it won’t stop on any selection. I know it’s not the remote because I have. 2 roku devices and both remorse work fine with the other device. Tried resetting for 5 seconds and still just scrolls through either apps or channels !

Robert - Seabrook, New Hampshire

So yea.. looks like a lot of people on here are having the exact same issue as me.

It only happens on the YouTube and Sling TV apps. I can be watching for 10 minutes or 5 minutes or 2 minutes it just stops and take a Me back to THE home screen…its very annoying!!!! Especially where I pay for Sling. Can you please work on this issue.

Dave - Camdenton , Missouri

When watching Netflix or youtube, after about 30 to 40 minutes, we can a screen up that tells us about ‘Unauthorized Content’. I’ve removed the power cord and waited for up to an hour, but now it is happening way too regularly. Anyone else getting this problem?

Dred Walker - Norristown, Pennsylvania

Youtube crashes on my roku. It doesn’t matter the model because I’v looked around and seen this type of complaint from other models. I’ve done the reboot, checked the wifi and all that so please don’t ask. Yes I’ve removed and reinstalled the app. YouTube does not work on Roku. It doesn’t work there. It did an upgrade and everything was fine for 2 weeks and then it crashed again. I’m not getting a now model because I’ve heard people making the same complaints with new models.