Stormy - Eureka, California

Day 2 of this problem. I have Roku2XD, i do not get on-line or phone help from Roku. The problem is with the remote control. I click on it and nothing at all. I have gone through all the steps prior to coming here. I have found that if i unplug it, take out batteries, it will start working a little. I am at the point with that where it connected to the internet and did a update for 44 items. I was given a code to activite Roku again, i did, but the screen is now stuck on settings. Clicking on the control does nothing but then i hear a bunch of clicks in the background, the player flashing 3 times then stops then starts. Help, i have no idea what is going on. It is like the player wasn’t to connect and play but then it gets stuck.

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