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I have a Roku Ultra. My TV is a Sansung 1080P LED. I’ve always minor issues, but recently the problems have gotten to the point where I can’t use my Roku and now have to use my televisions smart apps. I don’t have any issues using my televisions built in smart apps, but they aren’t as easy to use, which is why I liked Roku.

1) Sling TV and Vudu – The screen resolution/zoom are off, even though Roku has properly recognized my TV and resolution. In Sling TV, I can temporarily fix the issue by going into settings, device and selecting or un-selecting (it only matters that I change the setting) the zoom option. However, if I exit Sling TV, the problem returns. Some time it returns when changing to a different show/network inside Sling TV. There is no solution for Vudu. I have to use my television smart app for Vudu now. My smart television apps never have this problem.
2) Vudu – About 75% of the time now the audio is off from the picture. It varies from a second to 10 or more seconds. It’s very annoying. Occasionally existing the stream and/or Vudu fixes the issue, but it’s getting worse and now I just don’t even bother using Roku for Vudu. I just use Vudu through my smart television. It never has a problem.
3) I think we are all used to Roku having network issues. Roku blames this on our internet connections. But it’s funny that my televisions smart apps NEVER have an issue even though they use the same internet connection. The issue has gotten worse recently. All applications occasionally fail with the no internet connection/check your internet/etc. Sometimes exiting the stream and/or application fixes the issue. Other times it doesn’t. Half the time the Roku O/S crashes and restarts. The other half of the time I have to restart Roku to fix it. It’s not my internet, it’s Roku’s extremely poor internet stack. Again my smart TV NEVER has this issue.

The most recent round of issues occurred because of Roku’s latest update, which is apparently pretty major. I opened an email incident with Roku and I am waiting to hear back. I can’t believe how bad Roku’s O/S and software has become. It was always dicey, but now it’s unusable. Perhaps they will fix it with the next release. But I’m loosing faith in their company and products. I can’t believe they can stay in business with such poor reliability. I’m strongly considering moving to another streaming platform. I can’t believe reviewers give Roku such high ratings. It’s as if they don’t actually use the product and only rate of what Rolu PR tells them. Any one else having these issues?

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