bill virtue - tatura victoria australia

i have a roku 4200 tl approx 1 year old and drops out quite a lot with a sreen message Content disabled HDCP
unauthorised with white writing on purple background .It is a cheap telstra tv box .they have sent a new modem , same result . have tried ethernet cable , same result. are on the nbn ,speed is 100/40 but with speed
test rangers from pin 11 d/load 94 u load 39 to d/load 81 u/load 36 . Have reset roku by unpluging power and
hdmi cable .have used systems app to up grade . rebooted modem. signal rating in roku box says good
Any help please

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Had same issue several years ago with Roku 1 … bought new hdmi cable and it resolved the issue then …. but remove hdmi or reverse it first to elinate Unauthorized Purple Screen … have new Roku 3 and no problems …. hope it works for you.