Karla - Ft. Worth, Texas

in late 2017 early 2018 my youtube app started shutting down after playing for 10 munutes to 15 minutes of continuous play and kicking me completley off of the app. I have 3 Roku players 2 are of Roku 3’s . Our main usage for our ROKU’s is to play youtube and they are ALL having the same problem. We you the players to play hours of youtube and now nonr of them will play more than 10-15 min without kicking us off the app and having to start it up all over again. It is so annoying that we are thinking of getting some other types of player other than a ROKU like and appple TV to see if they work better. We loved our ROKU’s and now the very reason we used them is broken. I am not sure if it was an update that youtube did or something concerning the ROKU itself but I hope that you will fix it before you loose my business alltogether becasue I don’t really want to leave ROKU. PLEASE FIX the problem ,Your was so loyal customer, Thank you

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I have the same experience with my Roku devices.