Roy - Hayward, California

Two days ago my Roku Youtube app stopped signing into to youtube. This Roku channel has worked for over a year. Now it will not sign in to see my account. I follow the on screen instructions just to watch the browser screen sit and spin with no response when I enter the code the youtube Roku app provides. I am signed into my Google account like the instructions say to do, but still not response. All my other Roku apps and channels are working just fine.
I have unplugged and repowered the Roku device. I pressed the reset button which required me to setup the Roku device all over again. I had to reinstall the youtube channel and retry the activate process, still no success.

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The YouTube streaming has been a problem on older ROKU models since mid October, 2017. Is ROKU going to address this or not? It’s ubiquitous & we would like to have it resolved. People are wasting time & effort unplugging, removing, reinstalling ~ all to no effect.


Same time, same event as Roy. Thinking it might be my older Roku 3 I replaced it with a Roku Premiere that I had bought earlier this year. This did not solve the problem. My Roku 3 has had no trouble with Youtube since it was available on Roku. Now when I try to log in the Roku code it does nothing on Is this a Roku or a Youtube problem?

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