Andrew - Mosinee, Wisconsin

Spectrum all of a sudden stopped working with my two ROKU connections even though the program listings appear. I have a ROKU TV and a ROKU adapter connected to another TV. Error code RLP1008 shows up on my screen when the Spectrum “app” tries to bring up the program. Then the screen goes black. All other ‘apps” work fine, so I know it’s Spectrum’s “app”
Solution I found while searching the internet: Reboot your cable modem. Success!!!this may be isolated to Motorola cable modems that Spectrum uses. Don’t waste your time calling Spectrum or ROKU support. You’ll just end up beating your head against the wall in frustration!

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Haven’t tried this yet but a YouTube video suggests unplugging your router, extender, your Internet box, your Roku, etc… have a cup o’ coffee and plug everything back in and it should fix itself.