Brandon Revels - Allen, Texas

I bought a new roku express with the av cables. The Netflix app does not load, Hulu, and Amazon work fine. I’ve factory reset, restarted the app, remove the app and it does the exact same thing every time. When I click on the Netflix app, it comes up and then blinks once and then just stays on the black screen with the word Netflix on it. I have been unable to even try to log in to Netflix. Any solutions?

Tim C - Webster, New York

I have a Roku2 and lately when watching netflix on the TV the picture skips every two seconds no matter what program is playing. If I watch Crackle, using the roku remote, the picture is fine. This is the speed test that I ran.

matt - Kalamazoo, Michigan

I have a roku express that I just got this year and almost all the time when Iam watching tv it the channel on sling tv or movie will cut out to a blank fuzzy white screen and then will go back to the movie or tv program im watching, I have changed the settings to other formats and have unplugged and plugged again and still happens, can anyone tell me how to fix this, I have another roku device upstairs and i have no problem with it.

Brian - Lexington, Kentucky

I have an older 2003 model hitachi tv. It doesn’t have any hdmi outputs so for the last 3 years I have had an adapter hooked up to the roku so I am able to watch roku with my tv and it worked perfectly. All of a sudden my roku stopped working with my tv. All I can see is the startup roku screen and then the screen just goes black and staticky. I have ordered a new adapter and even put on new cables nothing seems to work. If I take the roku and hook it up to another tv in the house it works just fine. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this problem on my tv other than buying a new tv.

T. - Chandler, Arizona

Initial payment and customer set up screen keeps spinning, won’t accept my data to setup Roku Express. There’s an error at the top of the screen saying that Roku is experiencing problems. Any idea when this will clear up? I’m eager to use this device for the 1st time.


The Roku Channel will not connect. It shows streams behind a Network Error pop-up that says: There is a problem connecting to the network . . . check your network settings.
My network signal strength indicates: excellent.
What is wrong?

CRG - Eureka, California

I am a relatively new ROKU user, wotj a TCL ROKU TV. Everything was great until mid-November when my local TV station (no. CA) switched from ch 17.1 to ch 14. All of a sudden I could no longer get ch 17. My other two TVs broadcast 17 just fine, but not the TCL set. The little purple antenna bars say it is getting full signal, but I have only a black screen.

I just spent about 3 weeks back and forth with TCL trying to figure out the problem. I’ve done a network reset about a dozen times, a system reset at least 4 times, rescanned channels about 30 times, and used 3 different antennas, all with no change. Also during this time, the guide at the bottom of the screen that tells you what you’re watching went wacko and no longer displayed the correct stations or the correct programming info for what was actually playing on the channel. Finally, after hours on the phone, blaming the antenna and everything else, two techs admitted that there were other complaints like mine, and the updates were causing the problem.

Now, on top of everything else, YouTube programming has gone wacko. I can no longer get the amazing selection of movies – old, classic and new – I was watching, and the movies I can get are off the wall weird stuff no one has ever heard of, and the quality is just awful – one big blur.

Does anyone know if YouTube did something or has ROKU blocked access to parts of YouTube? I’m going to put the set back in the box and store it under my bed. Then I’m going to buy a regular television and MAYBE use the ROKU stick. But if I can’t get any better YouTube programs, I’ll dump ROKU altogether.