Ninna - New Church, Virginia

I have the Roku Express. It has worked great for almost a year. Now all of a sudden every time I try to open the Netflix app I have to reinstall it and then half the time it won’t reinstall because it says that I am not connected to the network. But I can leave the screen that says not connected and click on any other app and they come right up

Adriana - Palm Harbor, Florida

We have a 55 inch Roku tv, and it continues to lag and kick us out whenever we try watching anything on Netflix. The app hasn’t been working for a while. I wanted to purchase another Roku tv but had to reconsider. It makes me believe that Netflix is moving much faster that Roku is able to keep up with.

akilah - atlanta, Georgia

Bravo NOW on my roku 3 has been down for more then 6 weeks, I am missing my shows. I was told the 8.0 update would fix it but it did NOT. I have called twice. One lady told me to call my cable provider and one man told me to call BRAVO??? Like hello, Andy Cohen, your channel isn’t working… I had to talk to a supervisor to find out that there was an issue. When will it be fixed??