Wireless connection keeps disconnecting, but all other devices in the house operating normally. Not a new connection to the Roku, has been working fine for over a year. Kept disconnecting every couple minutes or so, now its saying no networks can be found, but there are several. This is an isignia roku tv

Margy Gibb - Harrow, ON Canada

When I am watching a movie I VERY frequently get this message “we’re having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title”. This is very annoying. How can this problem be fixed please? I have signed out of Netflix & signed back in. Works for a while but then the above message happens again & I lose the movie. I can get it back but lose a while later & get above message & I start all over again. Please help.

Kelly - Thornton , Colorado

Roku TV…Netflix app plays for about a minute then returns to home screen. Seems lots of people with this problem. Any solutions or should we return the TV? We have only had it about a month and don’t believe we had this issue in the beginning. Hulu, HGTV and Amazon seem to be working fine.


Purchased a Roku 3600R Stick on 12/2/16 and your Customer Support Team helped us to connect it Wirelessly to stream off of our PC Computer to view onto our Panasonic Plasma TV. We were able to connect to our Netflix and Amazon Video accounts and had no problems until today, 10/28/17 when we have a purple screen with ‘HDCP unauthorized, content disabled’ with just the Audio playing but no Video.
Would appreciate an immediate response in fixing this problem. I did purchase the Extended Warranty; should I just return it? Thank you in advance for your time. My number is (808) 391-2626 and my email is Mahalo, Robbie

Lloyd - Buffalo, New York

My isp informed me that this device has a vulnerability. Something about SSDP, and hackers can access your network through the wireless. It also involves UPnP, which they disabled. Supposedly hackers can create a denial of service for others through your network. I got no help from the ISP, but Roku claims to know about it and is working on it. The interrim solution is to unplug your box when it’s not in use.