Jack Alban - Westminster, Colorado

I have a very fast network connection (50 Mbps). I have constant, differing problems with Roku. I see these problems
1. freezes when I am watching something : audio continues but video freezes : have to quit and resume
2. the loading bar comes up several times when watching something
3. I get a content unavailable message, but can access content from my computer and a direct connection to any provider
4. I get repeated retry messages when trying to access certain content
5. Movies or news start out in very low resolution, may continue that way or change to hd
Since this is spread across mutliple providers and I do not have the same problem with a computer connection to the same providers, I am convinced that there is a major problem with you internal network, likely insufficient bandwidth, servers, and adequate numbers of bridging services to given networks.
The problems have only worsened. I am sure you can give me a few 10 step processes to correct my problems, but I am convinced at this point that this is not my problem, but your problem, and am actively looking for an alternative to Roku that can handle my few select channels. I own two Rokus. I have never been 100% satisfied by the service, but it is getting worse and worse now.

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