SSG - San Diego, California

Several of the channels (paid and free) simply will not load content, while others have no problem at all. Netflix and Amazon, for example, are no problem. CBS News (the free channel) has no problem, but CBS AllAccess (the paid channel) has ceased loading (gets to 25% – 30% and hangs, then has a ‘problem with playback’ message.) Newsy is hanging at about 25%; Pandora is fine.

We got so tired of this that we ditched ATT DSL, and went back to the local Cox broadband, having been advised that it was a bandwidth issue. Nope! Still having the same problems. There doesn’t appear to be any consistency in what works & what doesn’t (except that all the British feeds work, for whatever than means.)

I’ve sent some ‘customer service’ messages but no response. Has anyone got a clue?

Katie - Lakeville, Minnesota

The Bravo app brings you to the authentication page and before you can enter the code into your computer, the tv screen refreshes on its on every 5 seconds. Even if you enter the correct code into the computer, the tv has already refreshed so many times that it’s not authenticating.

Randy - San Antonio, Texas

We watch a lot of Youtube and the last 6 months have been rough -we have a Roku 2. The commercials, whether we let them play or click to end them, crash YT about fives times an hour. We have fiber optic internet, a good signal to the box and all our other channels are fine. Also did the remove YT and re-load it. that worked for a week. I’m wondering now about paying for YT Red or buying another device to stream because this is so frustrating.