E.J. - Oceano, California

I have been using Roku with my in house cable for the last three years. Just recently, every time I sign in to Spectrum, it takes me to a subscription purchasing page. At the bottom it reads: The Spectrum TV app on Roku also requires an authorized modem.

Sierra - Redding, California

My ROKU was working just fine a few hours ago then I just turned it back on and the colors where all weird and everything was stretched, So I unplugged i and it was fine then every time I clicked on a channel it slowly zoomed in with each click. Please Help??

James Murphy - Green Bay, Wisconsin

In Roku I can be logged in to my YouTube Account and it’s verified I’m logged in.
However I can NOT access my YouTube Playlists. issue with Roku and YouTube. My Playlists section has a white box that tells me nothing and when I click on it I get an error code that I’m supposed to report but not who to report it to? The error code changes every time I do this. 9MY5ER6wPSIgbma0 So What am I to do?

fredrick house - augusta , Georgia

I have tried repeatedly to update my credit card payment but the site keeps saying that the card number I know is valid, sec. code etc., are all valid, is not accepted. Furthermore, the site doesn’t list my subscriptions correctly and there is no way I can post or chat with a real person except this one. Really poor!

Gabriel - Los Angeles, California

Problem turning on Roku Tv. After plugging ang running on the tv the red lamp on the side blinks and the logo sharp . Roku tv shown on screen for a few seconds and then disappear. Doesn’t show the default screen anymore just the logo keeps coming back on after a few seconds and on and on.

Dana - Portland, Maine

Netflix is not connecting. Hasn’t for weeks. Netflix advised me this is a problem on their end and they are trying to resolve it with Roku. I would like to know what your insight is on this and if it will not be working, I would like a refund for the time I have not been able to get into Netflix.

TheMainTony - Folsom, California

55″ TCL 4k Roku…. BravoTV app has logged out. When I try to play a show, it tells me I need to activate, but refreshes the code before I can even begin to enter it. Over and over and over. Comcast Internet, no problems on any other app requiring activation…