David - Miami, Oklahoma

I had a problem with ROKU turning pink and fuzzy all of a sudden. ROKU support said this was caused by the fact that my AT&T router was not security protected. Even though it is password protected, it is not secure from hacking so I need to purchase security for $149 so my ROKU will work. Seems fishy that this is needed after it worked so well since Jan (5 months)

Anonymous - Plantation, Florida

What is Roku running away from???????????

My niece gifted me my 1st Roku on Valentine’s Day 2012…It was Love at first sight! Any issue I ever had with my player (Roku 1), all I had to do was dial that handy-dandy 1-800 number and VOILA! You’ve got streaming!
I can still remember my last interaction with the now illusive Roku Customer Service. It was 2014. HBO joined the streaming game. “Lord don’t make me lose my mind up in here, up in here! Roku & HBO?…. Better than sex, right?” ……… NOT! ……… That app all but gave me a heart attack! But, my trusty Roku Customer Service Rep not only walked through several HARD RESTARTS, she even followed up with me the next day. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh the good ole days, when Customer satisfaction was a company’s goal.

Since the HBO NOW debacle, I haven’t had any reason to contact Roku for their masterful assistance until May 16, 2017. On that Tuesday I woke up with a hankering for some “Fear Thy Neighbor on ID-GO!” (Investigation Discovery is my favorite channel/app of all time) As my niece would lovingly say, “My Aunt may not know much, but she knows 101 ways to kill a man!” Hahahahahaha. Anyway, back to bloody Tuesday. I prepared my favorite snacks, placed everything at arms reach, clicked HOME, clicked ID GO, starred excitedly at the intro-screen (you know, the screen with all the victims) and all of a sudden I was starring at a white ROKU! A white Roku that doesn’t even dance anymore!!

What in the HBO NOW is happening?????????? So I clicked HOME, clicked ID GO, but now I starred skeptically at the intro-screen and it HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!!!!! Suddenly I found myself digging through the archives of my brain trying to remember the last time I watched ID GO. It was Sunday… Yes, Sunday….What happened between Sunday and Tuesday? Did the evil Monday device gods enter my home to reclaim my Roku 1, thereby forcing me to buy the new and improved Roku-Turbo-Express-5017? WTF is happening?

Immediately I grabbed my phone and called Roku Customer Service. As the phone rang I felt the panic start to fade away, but that soon turned into shear anger. After following all the prompts and answering all the questions HONESTLY, those MFers said that “Roku no longer provides customer service for my model”. My response to that was “If not you, who?” Undeterred, I grabbed the phone again, followed the prompts and answered all the questions DISHONESTLY………Well guess what Roku-Turbo-Express-5017 users……………….. They don’t service you either!!!

On May 16, 2017, I realized that I’ve been financially supporting a company that doesn’t give a rats-ass about me! (I own 5 Roku devices).

Have they become too big to fail? Are they afraid to stand by their product? Did they sell their company to some genetic food modifiers? Have concentrated juices pickled their brains? Are they expecting us to figure it out ourselves? Is it the Russians? How in the hell am I suppose to know why only Discovery Channel apps don’t work on Roku? Is there infighting between Roku and the Discovery Network? Did some Wives with Knives slash their throats? Is this a case for Joe Kenda? What in the Facebook Customer We Don’t Care Service is going on? (Don’t get me started on FB)

If this were some random channel/app, I would probably just delete it and go on with my life. But it’s NOT! It’s my favorite channel of all time! And come hell or high water, someone at Roku is going to solve this mystery!

June - Canaan, Maine

None of the Go apps work, if I click on them the roku freezes and reboots. It has been days and I have done a hard reboot and uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing has worked!! Can’t find any way to contact anyone from Roku site and sooo getting ready to junk it and move on!!

Kalon - McDonough, Georgia

I’m having a problem also with the HDMI cable. Did the cable die and is it bad and can it be replaced? Or is it still fine and just an isolated incident? What shall I do and why would the cable fail in the first place after owning for years, months, weeks or days without a single incident? I do truly hope this problem gets fixed so I can face joy once again. If not, then I will never, ever wish to buy anymore future products for myself ever again. Roku, I hope you’re listening to me. If so, then fix my problem pronto. If not, then forget it.

Kalon - McDonough, Georgia

Roku remote stopped working and is now showing two green lights that now flicker. What is the problem? Is the remote dead or still alive? Can the box be the culprit or is the remote the problem? If so, what is it? If not, then how to fix it? Do I need to get it replaced or is it fine? What should I do to work it again?

Anonymous - Colorado

Picture stalls. Content I subscribe to unavailable. Doesn’t respond to commands unless you hit the intended key on your remote multiple times. All of this is off and on, so not evidence of a direct equipment failure, and don’t have the same problems if I use my computer to access content, which leads me to believe that is roku-based, not the fault of the content provider. Keep getting ads for new roku, but won’t buy more because the two I have give me so many problems.


MY Roku plays the sound on the network I would like to watch but no picture. A blue screen with the phrase content not available is all I get for a picture. But the sound is going at the same time with show contents