Anonymous - Iowa

Frustrated with MLB issue. Spoke with MLB yesterday and they said it was due to Roku update not working with new MLB app and that Roku told MLB that it would be fixed within 24 hours. Well, that obviously didn’t happen.

Rich - C, Nevada


You took something that worked and replaced it with a wonky app that doesn’t work. Tell me again why I’m paying you for a service you’re not providing..

Don’t you guys beta-test software before you release it?

Williams - Memphis, Tennessee

ROKU Premier+ won’t work at all. After unplugging, it shows the jumping ROKU then the lineup with all of the choices (Netflix, Sling, etc.) but won’t move after that. My stick ROKU in the den works but the remote from that unit will not work on the premier unit and the remote on the premier will not work in the stick. New batteries on each.