Pat - Murrieta, Colorado

Woke up this morning and put on YouTube and I can no longer fast forward the video I am watching. The rewind button is not highlighted now and there is a Options button it goes to. Fast Forward button goes to next video instead of fast forwarding the video.
What happened?

christopher - Wake Forest, North Carolina

I have two roku ultras on two different brand 4k tv’s. both have had major inconsistent screen flickering during hulu and netflix playback. the screen will black out momentarily then come back. it may do this 10 times in a hour then fine for days. tried many different cables all new and or verified all high quality of different lengths. It seems to do better with 5 foot or under. I have a direct connection in all cases. Very frustrating.

Chris Smith - Memphis, Tennessee

YouTube takes forever to open. It will play sound, but the screen just shows the YouTube logo and the circle of dots like it’s loading. It’s only been doing this for the past few days. I’ve removed the channel and added it again, but the problem persists.

L.Portlock - Mobile, Alabama

Youtube on my roku all of a sudden started only playing certain videos. I know it is not my internet connection because it says I have excellent strength I have restarted my roku and I even reinstalled the youtube app not sure what to do next…

Michael Szafranski - Raleigh, North Carolina

After 10 months Fox News Radio Live Audio stopped working a few days ago on all of my 3 ea. Roku 3 devices. It gets hung up “Buffering”. The other menu items on Fox work fine as do all the other programs on Roku. We have 100 mbps down. I unplugged the router, modem, and the Roku’s but no help. I also removed the Fox app and then added it back. No help. I get Fox News Radio Live Audio on my Galaxy S6 just fine on the same WIFI network. Any ideas on what happened and how to fix it?


One day, my BRAND NEW Roku Express said it wasn’t connected to the internet. Naturally, I went into settings and tried reconnecting to my WiFi. It would put a check next to “Your wireless network” and ALWAYS put a big red X next to “local network”. I scoured the internet for solutions. I heard that it could help to disable network pings, did that. The only thing that worked is a factory reset (which I’ve had to do twice already) Sometimes when I go to Netflix and play something, the screen will be blank but I can hear all the audio. No picture, all audio. It is the same with YouTube. What triggered it the second time was I was arranging my cables underneath my desk, and happened to unplug my TV, ever since then it hasn’t worked. I don’t want to keep going to a factory reset. This is awful. Definitely not what I thought I paid for.

Craig - Seattle, Washington

Hi. I have a brand new Roku Ultra. It turns on, shows the Roku boot sequence, the shuts off. I have tried pressing and holding the reset button. I cannot find a manual anywhere online. “Quick setup”, but no actual user manual. Anyone know how I do a complete hard reset of the whole thing? Their support site is useless.