Acey - New York, New York

Have Roku and login to CNN through Verizon fios. After selecting the CNN Live option it just kicks me back to the roku menu. Was watching this weekend and it was fine. I tried uninstalling the CNN GO channel and reactivating but that did not work…

Kayla - Holland, Michigan

I have an Insignia Roku TV and our menu will not work. I can power it on and off with both the physical remote and the remote on the app but nothing else. It is a Roku TV, so I don’t believe that the Roku is a separate thing in this case, and it is just on the TV. I can’t get past the screen where I choose from “Cable Box” “Computer” “xBox” “Netflix” etc. This just happened when I came home and nobody has been home all day. It was running fine last night.

Evan Lewis - Arlington, Virginia

I noticed that whenever we go to Roku, the voice track of offerings did not play, though the background music did. If the voice sound track does come through, it sounds muffled or distorted like it’s underwater. This happens regardless of the app I used. I tried it for Amazon (no voice sound), Netflix (muffled), Funimation (muffled), and Crunchyrole

Configuration: The Roku is run through the Pioneer Elite VSX-LX101 using an HDMI 2.0 cable.

I recently upgraded my television to a Samsung UN49KS8000FXZA. The problems presented only after I upgraded my TV to the new Samsung. I had an LG prior to that and everything worked fine.

bern - st paul, Minnesota

1) “support” site doesn’t even give thought to prior “branding” of BRAND F’n NEW Roku 4, less than 10 mo old.
2) Then the “email” option of support REFUSES to accept text entered into the “problem” field, and tells you “problem field must be filled in” when it already is; effectively blocking any emails to “support”! How thoughtful.
3) chat option of “support” was 45 min wait, then a remedial english as a 2nd (or 3rd) language brick wall
4) they offer “a replacement unit” without any device debugging at all… but I have to first SEND THEM the unit on MY $$ then they claim they will send the replacement back to me. This RMA process is from the 90s at best
5) MAIN ISSUE: replaced remote batteries, and the R4 unit sends signal to remote to ‘chime’ as the ‘find remote’ function, EVERY F’n time I press a button on the remote. this interferes w navigation hugely, and I wrestled my way into settings, remote, and sure enough the UNIT DOES know it’s paired… so I re-Paired the remote, now Remote 2 has replaced Remote 1, but the effect is the same… a constantly chiming remote and inability to navigate the menus because the unit is “looking” for the remote. I’d already unplugged, replugged, reset, etc., and the indian support knob had no clue about these units.
IS ROKU NOT SUPPORTING ROKU 3, ROKU 4 which had been anticipated for over 2 years, and once it was available early ’16 I got one. in Sept ROKU ‘rebranded’ – seems Roku ULTRA is now what 4 had been.


Have a Roku 3 and a Sharp Roku TV. Over the last few weeks I have noticed that neither will load YouTube (blank screen only), neither will play Amazon videos (Amazon interface works but blank screen on videos with audio only), and neither will let me login to Google Play movies. Also neither are displaying Roku ads on the home screen. Was hoping to see that others had the same issues but haven’t yet. I don’t think it is my router or network provider since I have also connected to my phone’s hotspot and have the same issues. I don’t think it is device specific since they different, and I don’t think it is account related since they are on 2 separate accounts. Any help?