Jenn - Vista, California

My brand new Roku TV was working great. Then it did an automatic software update and now it can’t connect to my wifi. I spent 3 hours on the phone with Roku, then with TCL then they had me call my ISP and ended up talking to three different departments – and it came down to this – my wifi is fine – everything in my house is still working on wifi – the software update screwed something up in the tv and now I have to take the tv back. ughhh

jo - New Jersey

When we try to use the Roku we sometimes get stuck with the Roku sign bouncing on the screen and never responding. If we do get past that screen , and choose a show we end up with the following message on the screen
“HDCP unauthorized. Content Disabled “

Todd - Mesa, Arizona

premiere box I bought for Christmas and after setting it up, imputing all of the Netflix, etc… accounts yesterday it just started giving me no picture. I would unplug the HDMI cable and reconnect it and for a half of a second I could see the home page screen and then black screen again. I would unplug it for like 20 mins and reconnect it again and still same thing… I tried unplugging it for all night and reconnect it in the morning and then it would work… so I turned off the screensaver (I had it set to 4K screensaver images, then I tried the analog clock before). This is NOT a 4K TV but a 1080 LCD Toshiba TV. I got it so it would work later if I were to ever get a 4K TV. So all of my account info is on this box, I don’t want to just return it because there is no reset option button on it. SO I’m needing help, I didn’t see any phone number in your paperwork that came in the box so this is my only option. Please help me on this!!