Doyle - Lakeport, California

Does anyone know how to get the PBS app on Roku 3 to do more than spin the download wheel? I can’t get to any part of the app. Won’t even allow me to login or create an account because it never gets there. I’ve tried reset to factory spec’s and started over without success. All of the other apps (Netflix, Amazon, etc.) work.


i have been trying to create an account since Sunday 27th Nov…all it does is come up with a service announcement saying they are having technical issues…im going to return my box if it aint fixed soon…

Michael - Cincinnati, Ohio

When streaming Netflix the screen goes black like it has lost input signal, pause for a second or two and the screen comes back and plays for a while again. HDMI to a sound bar to the TV, the sound continues but the video does not seem to recognize the input being active. I turned off all power save features on the TV and Roku that I could find, replace the HDMI cables just as a precaution but this issue persists. Other forum posts with this similar issue seem to be network related but the stream is not interrupted in this instance just the HDMI output activity.

Dena M Dean - Stover, Missouri

I have used the Roku 1 devices on 2 tvs in my home for a couple of years. I recently bought a new Roku TV. My paid subscription to Lifetime Movie Club worked fine on both of the other roku devices but it will not load the channel on the Roku TV.

Mirabelle - Fort Washington, Maryland

I bought 2016 ‘ROKU Streaming Stick, cited about putting it on my husband’s TV. Well, I love the packaging and couldn’t wait to install it — but hello — apparently I need the little HDMI extender which is free — but I didn’t know it might bog down my surprise. I expected to plug and play immediately. Their web site is down so I can’t order it or do anything. I felt comfortable buying this because I bought a Roku TV a few months sago and it has been great for the few times I use it. Now thinking I might just send the whole package back.

They should include this adapter or else make it obvious that some TVs will require it.

David M - Managua, Pennsylvania

I bought a ROKU to use at my home in Nicaragua. I get the activation code, go to ROKU’s website and try to create my account and I get get a 404 page when I try to create my account. The “Create Account” link has been broken for 4 days now. I call ROKU support and they say “yeah, we now, we’re working on it.” For 4 days! This is ridiculous. I bought the stupid thing so I could watch the NFL in Nicarauga and I ended up having to watch on my laptop Sunday because the stupid ROKU website isn’t working. This is total BS. I asked when it will be fixed and was told “some day soon”. Great support!

Dean Fort Bragg CA

XS Streaming Problems. Specifically Netflix. My old XR player works fine (just learned this), but I have had ongoing problems for a month with the XS player. Tried the fixes below relating to the secret screen with no success. Customer service claimed it was a Netflix problem and had me buy the micro sd chip to increase my storage and speed ($54). That didn’t work either. I called back the next day (different tech) and they had me remove and re-install Netflix. Still have frequent buffering watching movies. The XS was exactly 90 days old so I was told they really had no obligation to help me. The technician however stated she would try and escalate the problem to replace the XS Device. At the moment, I’m in limbo waiting to see what happens. Oh, I also upgraded my Internet speed (another $10 per month). Very fast now, but it didn’t help with Netflix streaming.

One other note the first technician I talked to wouldn’t help me at all unless I agreed to purchase the Roku Care Plan (they said I was two days out of warranty). So I think I’m up to five phone calls in two days.

I love it that on Roku’s home page they advertise this is the best device for Netflix.

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Clifton Lee Jackson

My roku is having issues playing anything. It states to unplug for 10 secs and reconnect. I have tried this multiple times, still nothing. Please someone help me with this. We were so excited to get our roku. We don’t have satellite or cable because we didn’t need it, now we can’t watch anything!!

Sherry and John Klinck Cornwall VT

I turn on ROKU, ans the white letters bounce up and down and then nothing happens . After a minute or two a brief signal comes in along the top which says “Receiving auto control signal (now),” then goes blank again.
Everyting is plugged in and the ROKU is in the correct position.


Unknown Pa

I like to watch TheBlaze on ROKU but lately when I click to go to the channel it resets the system. None of the channels work for me anymore. I am not sure if I should buy a new ROKU but I might. I hope someone can fix this. My connections are fine but the channels aren’t working or anything. I did the factory reset and it didn’t help at all.

Anyone else having the same problems?


I noticed yesterday that the Metal Injection channel won’t load any videos. All my other channels work fine. This is the first problem I’ve had since I bought the box last January. I can’t find any info abou it on MI website or Internet. I’ve un-installed an re-installed the channel. I unplugged and re-started the box. Still no videos ;(. Suggestions anyone? Thanks!