Laura K. Medford Or

My Roku 2 just quit working. I’ve tried the unplugging and reset process, but still nothing. This player wasn’t used a lot as it’s for a 2nd TV that’s not even our primary. I noticed problems a couple of times and after unplugging it then plugging it back in it worked. Now nothing. Help please!!!

Laura Chadwick Columbus OH

I have a new roku 3. Every day after turned on and after choice is made, I get a purple screen saying it has been disabled. I can hear the audio. Tech support had me turn off tv, unplug all HDMI cords and electric cord. Wait a couple minutes to let it reset. Then plug everything back in. I have to do this procedure every day. Using wireless router which has excellent strength, 1080 p, Is software bad?

Chris Miles Traverse City mi

Hi. I signed up for MLB to watch Detroit play. I do live in Michigan. Have yet to be able to watch a Tigers game. What’s going on with that. Did I just waste $50.00? The screen says temporally not available and try again in a few minutes. Never works. Please help. Thanks,

Richmond VA

So glad to stumble into this site. We were able to watch Netflix just fine on our computer. But when we try watching Netflix on Roku today, the movie stops about every 5 minutes and then we get a message that says the title is unavailable right now. Had similar problems a few days ago with movies stopping a few times, but it was nowhere near as bad as it has been today.

Bill Sarasota Florida

The TV began to “stutter” while on Crackle, then went to a commercial. Did that a few times. Then when I went to DailyMmotion there was a comment short flash see ROKU for flash memory card. Will check that next. The ROKU froze. Disconnected same, freeze went away on re hookup. No sound Factory reset gave rise to sound and am now doing updates based on a factory reset. Anticipate it will go well??? Go well> Go welllllllllll

Del_Ed DE

I am having trouble with the roku XD, which i got two month ago for Christmmas. It worked fine until two days ago, when it said it was unagle to show netflix content. HuluPlus worked okay. I ran the factory reset and now nothing works, no channels are displayed, although the settings option is th ere, and shows I am connected.

Sophronia Chatterjee FL

I bought a Roku box from in April, 2010. The setup was a nightmare: it took hours of ‘trying again’ for it to pick up my wireless signal (the wireless computer right next to the box was running strong). Roku customer support in the Middle East was totally useless, didn’t understand much English, told me it was a problem with my PC! I emailed dozens of requests for a return authorization, got an automatic “new case number” reply to each email, but never got any other response. Even after the initial setup was complete, every time I turned it on was an ordeal. I finally gave up, enjoyed streaming when I could get it (always after several tries to connect), and filed the experience under Never Buy Direct From The Manufacturer. Last week, I bought a Roku 2 from Best Buy, it set up right away, streams perfectly, and I’m secure in the knowledge that if it stops, I can take it back!


I’ve had Roku 3’s for the better part of 2 years. Recently we have noticed that each and every time we leave Netflix, we have to log back in when we go back. This is a PITA as I do not want my kids to know the password. Why did this start happening recently, there are no firmware updates available, so not sure what to do.


My cousin just gave me a ROKU 2 XD and there is NO remote, I have no way of getting another one or a universal, my iphone 4 wont let me operate the Roku either. How can I do an initial set up and operate my ROKU? PLEASE HELP!

Clayton Higa Honolulu Hi

Has anyone had the problem with the Roku box disconnecting from their network after watching a Netflix movie has ended? I can watch one movie or episode of a series on Netflix and then my roku box disconnects and I have to repeatedly reestablish the wireless connection. I have changed both my router and Roku box but the same problems persists. I don’t have a disconnection problems with other channels only on Netflix after each movie. I can watch Netlflix on my PC with no problem.

I’ve talked to Roku support and their answer was……..hard wire my router to the roku box…..ugggh. I’m currently using a Cisco E2500 router with a Roku HD-XR and Roku XDS and both have the same problem. I’ve also updated the software and both messages say that I have the latest update.

Tyge Daly Phoenix AZ

Initially the roku worked great! after about 90 days i started having problems – the main one was that roku would not recognize the option.

now when i click on the icon i get the dreaded ‘your account has not been linked to ROKU’ screen- no matter what i do nothing works.

any ideas?

Tom Carlson Milwaukee

Would blocking the IP range of the update servers affect normal use of the player?
The last two updates on this end crippled Videobuzz and added noise to the audio
similar to a CD skipping,usually about 20 seconds into a stream.
If this ever gets fixed I don’t want any more updates.

Cliff Silver Spring MD

I have 2 Roku boxes that are 2 years old this month. In the past 3 weeks both will stop while streaming and return to the show start screen giving option to resume or play from the beginning. No error notice or code. Often I can not resume the show but can start from the beginning or start a new show. Quality is good both before and after this stop. My Verizon FiOS 15/5 connection is good and all other providers are working well.

At Netflix request I’ve removed and restored the channel, reset both boxes and restored all channels but still have the same issue. One Roku is wireelss and the other Ethernet. This happens about every other day now. Anyone have any ideas?

I spoke with 2 arrogant Netflix morons while I was experiencing the problem and got nowhere. I would have suspended my account for a few weeks last night but the moron told me I would loose the 3 weeks I prepaid. Having always been impressed with Netflix customer service I called back today and spoke with a rep that was much better. I’m almost more concerned about Netflix CS reps than this problem.

Kris memphis tn

This is definitely a ‘get what you paid for’ appliance. Low cost — low expectations. While I have had no problems with Netflix on my Roku SD, I can’t say the same for the other apps. My complaint is that fast forwarding or resuming playback is a total joke and frustrating. Lets say I watch part of a movie one night and fall asleep halfway through it. The next day, I want to watch the rest of it. Of course, on most apps there is no resume, and on the ones that do have a resume playback option, it never works. My next option is to simply start the video from the beginning and try to fast forward to where I left off. Forget about it! Fast forward, play, wait, wait, and wait again. Eventually the device will error out claiming there is a problem with the internet connection. TOTAL BULL! There is never a problem with my connection and power cycling the Roku ALWAYS resolves.

I found the only way to successfully fast-forward is to be patient and do the following. Let the movie play for a minute, fast forward a couple of minutes in, repeat. Always make sure you don’t fast-forward too far past the buffer point, ie, where the blue line stop being blue when you fast-forward. After a few minutes of this ridiculous process, you will eventually end up where you left off without your Roku crapping out on you. Sometimes, even this doesn’t work and I just give up.

I contacted Roku about this and of course, no response. I wont be buying another Roku device ever again.


I have 3 ROKU devices. ROKU 1, Stick and a 3. Everything was fine until two days ago, now none of the Channels will work on the ROKU 1 or Stick. And only NETFLIX plays on the ROKU 3. I keep getting a message about “Channels cannot be installed to your Network” or they are “Not Available at this time”. While having these problems my internet connection had excellent signal strength, but I could not get the ROKU channels to work. When I called Customer Service they want to charge me $9.99 for assistance. When the CS Rep decided to help for free, because I am a valued customer, he was not able to resolve the issue.
Has anyone had this same problem? I would like to use these devices because cable is too expensive.

Thanks for any help.