Bill L.

Netflix and Roku. At the end of Jan. streaming from Netflix worked well. I shut off the Roku for the month of Feb while away but on my return, I could no longer stream from Netflix.. All the other channels work well but not Netflix
What might cause this?

JA wa

We own an older Roku 2 with full HOME and USB support. It has an issue where it randomly freezes then resets itself. Minor annoyance. We also have a Roku 2500X and that is a major issue. Ran great for about a year. Nowadays we are lucky to get a full TV show in without the wireless simply dropping. I’ve tried software updates, resets, even gave it a static I in our router to more or less force the two to communicate. Still no good. All other wireless devices in our home work fine. That’s 4 smart phones 2 laptops 1 printer an Xbox360 a Wii and a bluray player. Even all of them going at once works, albeit with some lag issues.

Bob CA

Recently my Roku stopped giving me a video feed Though the menu still shows normal and I can pick from Amazon , Netflix HBO etc and I can choose programing from those channels but the content video is gone I still have audio and a purple screen with an error message stating…… “HDCP unauthorized. Content disabled” ……… HELP anybody..ANYBODY??

Pat Bryant Baltimore MD

I paid my subscription to BlazeTV but cannot activate on Roku. I have been a member for over a year. I look for the unique code on my TV when I bring up Blaze TV, but there is not a code. I am supposed to enter the code at in order to see the shows on my TV. Please help! I want to watch the shows on TV not the computer.

Rachael T

After a long day at work I came home to relax by watching my
my favorite t.v show on Netflix. I kept getting an error message
regarding my Internet connection. I tried troubleshooting
but nothing seem to help. I used my IPhone to get on the Internet
using my wifi. I played movies and t.v shows from other channels
on my roku player. I checked my connection speed on the roku by
going to settling…connection speed was excellent. I know for a fact
this error has nothing to do with my Internet connection. I tried one last
thing!! I removed Netflix from my roku and added it again. Now is not allowing
me to sign in. Error says my sign in failed to check the email and password entered.
I know for a fact my email and password is correct. I was able to sign into my Netflix account on
my IPhone using the same email address & password without a problem. I’m really getting sick of this! Fix
this problem!

Heather P. Lenexa KS

I’ve loved my Roku for the last 12 months. I typically use it to stream Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora. Until now, I’ve had no problems. I have a 15mbps internet speed (and just did a speed test and it’s running at 21mbps download speed). Hulu Plus and Netflix are streaming just fine on my iMac, but for some reason for the last 7 days my Roku box has sucked immensely at streaming Hulu Plus in particular. Anyone having a similar experience? Any idea on what might be happening here?

Julie Harden Bend OR

Tonight for the first time while watching hulu, the picture would freeze up on me. It would stall for a couple of minutes and then play for a couple and stall again. I tried resetting the box, unplugging the power….nothing works. Total black screen. Unit is only about 4 months old. So frustrated

edna mills

I am having problems with my ROKU. It loads a programme but then it will stop and give a message that it has encountered a problem. This has been happening since yesterday (Monday 4 May).

Dan Krebs Gig Harbo WA

I have a first generation roku player purchased back in 2007 or 2008 that stopped working about 3 months ago for netflix. It works fine still with amazon and pandora, but no dice with netflix, even after 2 factory resets. I called netflix and they said it was a roku problem. I called roku and they said it was a known issue and that they were working on it. That was at least a month and a half a go now. I just factory reset it again, and amazon and pandora work fine, but still no dice with netflix, and a poor response from roku customer service.


All of a sudden when I turn my tv to the roku setting the roku light goes on when I press the remote but no screen comes on showing me my options or allowing me to troubleshoot.

Elle king

Absolute piece of shit. I am on my third replacement. It always breaks. It’s Slow. Netflix always has errors. You constantly have to unplug it and then it doesn’t necessarily fix the problem. Customer service is a joke. Unreliable piece of shit. Dont waste your money.

Renee Longueuil Qc

As I tried to find a solution for this MAJOR GLITCH
I gathered from posted and dated comments that
this MAJOR ISSUE has been going on for a number of YEARS !!!
(With a panoply of useless channels available for glitches
why did it have to happen to the most popular one ?!)


My Roku player hangs constantly on whatever channel I use. It’s not my wifi: playing the same content on my tablet and laptop works fine. This problem started roughly 10 months into owning our Roku 2. Device reboots have no effect.

I bought the Roku in the midst of my “cord-cutting campaign.” In defeat, I’m not reconciled to the fact that despite all of the media center PCs and Rokus and Internet-connected TVs, the one box that rules them all comes from my cable company.


I just got my roku about 3 months ago it has never worked! It has worked maybe three times since i got it. When i called customer service it started working fine & i felt dumb for calling. The only advice they gave me was move it close to my wireless router which is impossible. The router is in the next room and thats as close as it’s gonna get. Besides the laptop which is in the same room as the roku always works just fine. I have a friend who has a roku and his wireless router is three floors down from his roku! I don’t know to do with it. It’s a roku 2 xs can someone please help me.