Corey Brenner Campbell CA

For the past few days, we have been having problems with each and every attempt to watch any kind of streamed media via the Roku box. None of our other systems are affected — bandwidth is available and certainly not saturated. We are seeing connection problems, false starts, intermittent dropping, and about every other kind of annoying problem you can dream up.


I was able to connect to my wireless, set up and add channels…got to the screen ok now ready for streaming and the screen goes blank! I have had several contacts with support and have reset three times, changed the hemisphere cable and the same thing happens….they tell me it must be a hardware problem but I am not sure that I will get another one….any advice is welcome.

Dan Smith

My ROKU 3 is about a year old and until last night I have had no problems. Now I can get Netflex and other apps however Amazon and Pandora will not come up, also my ROKU screen saver is the clock which is running hours behind. I have tried to re-power it up but it is still N.G.
ROKU’s Customer Service is ZERO. It’s website flags as unsafe and the only phone number I could get for them on line is fake.
Any Ideas would be appreciated


All other apps are working on my roku but when I put on Netflix it tells me:

I have unplugged twice now, both for about 30 seconds and still getting this error message ONLY when attempting to access Netflix. I cannot access Netflix app on my android phone either however I CAN access it on my laptop…..????

Brenda OH

I have had issues with accessing my Netflix since the update last night. I was searching for other people with the same problem and came to a site that charges $30 for online consultation. WOW.

I decided to go directly to the source… There is an option to do a live chat (for free). My online rep communicated simply and clearly. After some trouble shooting basics, we reset my DNS addresses and my problem was fixed! Netflix works perfect, in fact, better than ever!!

Another satisfied customer, NOT!!!

I am glad I found this site on Google. I have a Roku 3 I have had 4 days and a 2009 Model 1100 (HD) something or other I have had 6 years . Just guess which one of the two is driving me nuts. The Roku 3 . Imagine that. My Roku 3 did not come with any kind of user manual so I assume that since the Roku support (Ha Ha…) web page doesn’t even offer a link to a .pdf file there isn’t one. I agree their support is beyond being even a joke. MY issues ?? The same as everyone else that has to keep unplugging and plugging back in to reboot after it freezes up and will not respond to the remote. While plugged in,I have pushed the hard reset button located on the back of the player with a paper clip and held it at least 10 seconds and forced it to shutdown and hard reset to the factory default settings 5 times in 4 Days. What a POS! Since sooo many have the same issues on the all the different models , I concur with those that believe a recent software/firmware update is flawed and is the root of the problem. With Roku asleep at the wheel and the updates pushed into our players automatically, what can we do ? What if they never fix it? We all own $100 paperweights? My latest hard reset I performed about 4AM EST wiped out my link requiring me to go back online and enter a new link code. I checked my firmware version in settings after learning on here that OS7 build 9037 is giving many people heartburn. My player updated successfully after the hard reset however my player says OS 7 build 9021 is currently installed. Well, my Roku 3 has run all afternoon without another malfunction . Wish me luck. When it locks up one more time today, listen closely….. That will be the sound of my Roku 3 breaking the sound barrier on its way out my door on the way back from whence it came…….


I bought my first HD Roku about four years ago and it’s always worked well. So well I bought a second one(Roku 2) for my bedroom despite having cable (mainly to stream Netflix). When I dropped cable about a month ago, my Roku started getting used much more (approx 2-3 hrs/day). The newer one (Roku 2) is fine, but the older one (HD Roku) now overheats daily. The video stream, mainly from Netflix, continues to freeze or drop connection. HuluPlus works but Netflix is an issue. I have AT&T come out to check the wireless router and they fixed some of the wiring it still chokes on Netflix. Meanwhile the Roku 2 plays well. I’ve started unplugging the HD Roku when not in use to see if that improves, but clearly this is an annoyance. Is the box just too old after 4 years? Is the HD faulty?

Robert Johnson

My wife and I recently moved to a new apartment and tried to plug up our Roku box. It doesn’t work not only does it not respond to our tv the power light doesn’t even come on. It worked fine in our other apt. does anyone have any suggestions?

Paula Davies

The format or front page changed on the roku homepage but it will not connect to any channels. Have turned off and on. Changed batteries etc. no joy
Why the sudden lack of connection?
Can we get our money back.

Charlotte Johnson Lexington KY

Suddenly, more than a week ago, the PBS on my Roku disappeared. All the other sites on the Roku function normally, but a message on PBS says there is a connection problem and to try again later. I have re-installed PBS to no avail. All I get is the same message. What is going on?!!

Bron Helendale CA

I thought it was just my internet. Sorry everyone is having such a horrible Christmas Eve! This is the first time I’ve not been able to watch at all. Sometimes it stops to load – right in the middle of a movie but even that is rare. Turn off the TV, wish Jesus a Happy Birthday and go to bed.


My Roku will not play Netflix since update. I get a message that says ” Unable to complete requested action – Your Roku player is unable to complete the requested action. Pease try again later. If this problem persists, please unplug your Roku player, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in.” Of course, I’ve done this several times already with no success. Any suggestions?