Jerri Tx

I have used my Roku for about 4 months and had no problems until last week. Now when I try to listen to Pandora, or watch a Hulu movie, it starts to retrieve the data but never completes the retrieval and just hangs up with no return. I have unplugged it, checked my internet settings and everything seems to be OK. Why is it I am not able to continue to enjoy the Roku system? Please can someone help me with this?

pam landry sonoma ca

I love our Roju. We have had problems in the past with it stopping but lately that hasn’t been a problem with ACORN .
Last night it started showing an error message. We unplugged everything waited a few minutes and started uo again. That seemed to work but once again it stopped and showed an error message. What is up with our Roku?
Thank You for any information


Received my Roku as a gift on Thanksgiving. Always had a problem with downloads stopping at 25%, sometimes several times in an hour or two. Tonight I changed my sound settings from stereo to surround. Now there is sound on surround and the sound in stereo is slow motion gable. No I have no sound.

Brian Shagan

My issue is the same as everyone else’s except:

I own two roku’s (a Roku 2 and a Roku 2 hd). Netflix works so far on the HD but stopped working and bouncing back to the home screen after attempting to load for several minutes. All we can do is make this as public a problem as possible so that Roku has a reason to look into it as quickly as possible. They aren’t losing any money from us because we already own a Roku. This problem has to represent a loss to their bottom line before they will do anything. At least this is the impression I got from the incredibly unhelpful customer service line who promised a call back days ago.


i just tried the Roku Support. Horrible experience, she did not know anything and i had to repeat myself several times. I need to replace my device. Does anyone have a suggestion?


I’ve seen many threads on many forums pertaining to my issue, but nothing quite what I’m experiencing. Maybe someone can help me out or point me in the right direction? I have a Roku 2 XS. It works great & streams flawlessly. Unfortunately whenever I leave it on idle, as there is no on/off switch, it doesn’t wake up. It stays stuck on a WHITE (NOT purple) bouncing Roku logo. I have the purple bouncing logo when I boot up the device. My screensaver is the small white logo that floats around the screen. After a couple hours of idle it goes into a white bouncing Roku logo with the “o” doing a twist in the air as it bounces. There is no response from the device or the remote after that until I unplug the box and replug. Any ideas what the issue is?


From Roku website:

Netflix TV episode service interruption – Thursday 1/23/2014

Roku Support
posted this on Jan 23 12:51

Netflix and Roku are aware of an issue affecting the availability of specific TV content on Netflix. There is no need to troubleshoot or reset your player at this time, not all Roku models are affected. Netflix is currently working on resolving this, future updates will be provided in this thread. We thank you for your patience.

Mark Portage PA

I bought my Roku 3 in June of this year. Now it’s already dead. When powering up, the light blinks, then stays on. Tt blinks when I hit OK or HOME on the remote…. It’s just not outputting any video to the TV. As an aside, we did lose power for a couple days, but I’m not sure if was working up until that point or not.

GIL BARDSLEY glen mills pa

I can not get my roku to work on 2 different TV’s. I get a “no signel” message. I have another Roku on one of my tvs but the new one will not work on that tv either.i do see a white lite blink on the roku when I plug it into the TV’s.


Applications take a long time to load. Also, any operation on Roku 2 XS is very slow. Problem is being noticed only in the last few days. I have around 97 channels. Is number of channels responsible for this problem?