Louise Mitchell Saint Matthwes SC

I bought my roku player 9/17/14, I woke up on 1/1/15, and my roku player nolonger work or had the right time. It does not work. I call the roku tech people and they told me to move the roku player from one TV to another and to reset my roku player. I did everything he told me to do. Then he told me to buy a smart TV. BAD, BAD, STUPID MARCUS was the tech.


Maybe I need to cancel my netflix until they produce a box that they are responsible for so I don’t get “well that is not our problem call them”. I can’t get through five min of a nextflix show with out the netflix or ruku needing to load. Any suggestions besides the trash can? Has anyone tried a player that has worked for more than a year?

Karen Oklahoma City OK

I also could not get past the red loading screen for Netflix on my TV using the Roku3 (with a wired Ethernet connection). I have the TV plugged into a surge protector. I turned it off briefly thereby cutting power to the TV and the Roku3 box. When I turned the power back on and tried to load Netflix, it resumed within 10-15 seconds. I did not have to sign in again.

Bill Brooks

I have had my roku (HD) for about a year and it ran o.k. Then recently when watching some shows (including Hell On Wheels) all of the black (dark shadowed) areas are now a flashing neon blue color. Any idea what is happening?


All 3 of my Roku1 has been quitting on me at least once a day for the past 2 weeks!Tried umplugging,waiting replugging.It will eventually start working again,but sometimes it’s out for hours.Extremely annoying as I bought the Roku because I was fed up with the cable company and DirectTv.Now this is happening.Is their maintenance that should be done every so often?How can I get my Roku to start working properly again?Before this issue I absolutely LOVED my Roku.I thought that maybe it was because it was the original version and that maybe I needed to buy a more current one but it seems by all the posts on here that those also have a variety of problems.Is there anything in this world that works like it claims anymore?Enough already!


Recently bought Roku 3 (use with unblock-us) and it worked fine with Netflix for about a month. Then one day I got an hdcp unauthorized content error message. I fixed it by doing a factory reset and Netflix worked fine again for a couple days. Then, out of the blue, many titles disappeared from the catalogue. They are still there on my ipad and WD TV box that I also use. They are missing only from Roku 3. Another factory reset didn’t help. It works fine with what is available.

Bob Oklahoma City OK

No matter what I do, soft reset or hard the machine can’t pick up my internet. I have several laptops and smartphones that have no issue with my wifi. Roku is just so unstable it isn’t funny. I am on update 4 too.

Ross Al

Roku tried to blame DirecTV… DirecTV pawned me back off to Roku… Roku now claiming the 0001 internal server error code is new and I might hear back from them via email in 3-5 business days… Somehow, I am not too confident it will be resolved. It is impacting my Roku 3, Roku stick, and Roku 1… Can stream the channels on my Xbox though

SMB Parker CO

I have been having problems recently. Didn’t realize it was the roku. Thought it was my internet. We keep getting a message while watching Netflix …the screen goes black, then it states “retrieving”. Sometimes it will only happen once or twice. The other day, it happened so many times, we gave up trying to watch the show. We have an older Roku 2, but never updated the system to our knowledge, unless it ran an auto update. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

B Clark

We have a roku 3, attached to a wired connection. Very happy with performance with the exception of one curious problem. Every once in awhile, while listening to Pandora, the music becomes slower and the pitch drops. It will play that way for sustained periods. The pitch change is enough that some familiar singers aren’t recognizable anymore. The fix is easy, we just unplug the roku and plug it back in. It fixes the problem, but I am wondering if I am just avoiding a larger issue, or missing a permanent fix.

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