Latest Roku SW update of about 1/2/15 was poorly tested before release and is causing widespread problems. Typical problems include corrupting the assign IP address, generating the “HDCP unauthorized content disabled” message on service channels such as Amazon and Netflix and corruption of the installed channel operation/installation data.

Fortunately most of the problems will go away with a little coaxing. Resetting the Roku WiFi connection only fixes part of the problem and typically still leaves the HDCP unauthorized content disable message. Doing a power-off reset on the Roku will fix some of the corrupted data, but you may still need to re-do your WiFi connection. This should be sufficient to fix some service channels, like Amazon, but Netflix and a number of other channels are more problematic and require the channels to be deleted and then reinstalled, including logging the channels back in with your subscription info.

Great job Roku (NOT) – what should have been a transparent update is instead a royal pain in the butt for users, especially the less technically savvy users.

Nathan Frankfort KY

I am unable to connect to Netflix or Amazon on my Roku 3 this evening. However, I can stream HuluPlus without issue. On Netflix, I get the message, ‘Couldn’t connect to Netflix. Please try again or restart your home network and streaming device. For more information, visit Code: ui-113. On Amazon, I get the message ‘Can’t connect to Amazon Instant video’.

I’ve reset my network and device to no avail. A speedtest reveals normal streaming rates. When I click more details on the Netflix error and then click ‘Check your network’, everything checks out. And, I can stream both services from my laptop via a wireless connection.

FYI, I also tried to access these services on my Roku 2; same issue. What’s up?

Joe B

So, I have used a roku-3 player for about 9 months and have used it’s WIFI capabilities solely (it’s not hard-wired into router). My issues have arisen the past month. My roku-3 is having trouble connecting to my wireless network, however the signal strength being sent to the roku device is ‘excellent’. This said, I will occasionally be able to watch NHL/netflix/hulu/etc on this device without streaming issues for approx 20-45 min…but inevitably it always drops out and I am no longer able to re-connect and continue watching the program. That said, I have a comcast ISP connection of 25mb and a arris gateway modem/router (model #862 that I just had replaced w/ a new one yesterday). My modem/router is 30ft away from this roku device and should not be having issues due to distance. On top of this I have 3 apple (tv/iPad/iphone) devices that work AWESOMELY (so much in fact I am bummed that I just didn’t get two apple tv’s) at streaming video. The roku helpline I think only covers me for 3-6 months…if that. If anyone has any recommendations about how to troubleshoot this that would be greatly appreciated. (To the apple-only faithful…please don’t remind me about the perils of non-apple products…this roku-3 worked for a while but seems to have a short working life).


Spanish audio on with roku??

This happens on all my roku’s and at friends and relatives also.

Using the MLB channel, I bring up a game and under tv audio feed, I select “local radio”.

Until recently, I heard radio coverage in English, while I watched the video feed.

Now it is in Spanish. I contacted MLB.TV and they are looking into it.

If I am just using the audio that comes with the TV feed, it is OK. I prefer to listen to local radio coverage, and love that feature.

Anyone else out there having the same issue – or can you verify if you are not?

Thank you !!

Bill Fort Worth TX

I have a Roku 4. I am not sure what is causing it, but in the middle of streaming, my tv will make a loud crackling noise, and then snow will appear for less than a second followed by a black screen. After a few seconds, the stream will reappear. Any idea on what causes that? The TV is a Roku Ready TV.

J Canada

Why is only one of my Roku boxes not streaming netflix?? I can select any damn show off of netflix but it won’t play! This is starting to get old! The damn thing is less than 2 months old! It’s creating sound on the tv as well that sounds like a disk spinning. The problem is yours; netflix plays on my sons Roku and on the xbox in the livingroom. Why the hell do we pay out the ass for a product that is truly inferior! Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me! Google chrome is looking better and better! And fear not I promise I will share my experience with everyone 😉


I love my roku box. Have never really had any problems with it at all. was watching today early afternoon then this evening not turning on at all. no light or anything, just dead. unplugged it and waited awhile then plugged back in and nothing.


This is now the second day that Drama Fever will NOT load videos on the roku but works on the computer or my spouse’s Ipad – this goes for both the television roku as well as the roku 2 box hooked to another television. Emailed drama fever support last night and they said they are “working on it.” Here we are 24 hours later and it’s still happening. When you pay for a channel you expect the channel to work. Am going to try uninstalling the channel and reinstalling it on the roku but I’m not hopeful that will resolve anything since my spouse installed it last night on the roku television and it did nothing.

Steve Key West FL

Netflix is the problem. I was on chat with a Netflix tech and they are aware of the problem and on their site, they had a big headline on one of their pages that said, “there is a problem with Netflix and Roku players, IT is working on a fix…” or something similar to that effect. I changed my password on the web and then tried to log in with it on my Roku, and of course, it wouldn’t work. It is Netflix…becoming a headache as a company.

Natasha Gibbs

When trying to download something on Netflix it keeps coming up with the following error:

Your Roku player is unable to complete the requested action. Please try again later. If this problem persists please ubplug your player wait 10 seconds and plug it back in.

I have unplugged it and still no luck and even left it for 2 days!!

Any help would be appreciated.