My Roku keeps crashing. The green light turns white and nothing opens. The network setting tells me the internet connection is excellent, so that’s not the issue. But every app I try to open says “Unexpected error” or something similar. I went through this yesterday and completely reset everything from wireless router to the Roku and somehow got it working, but it’s happening all over again today. Anyone have advice?

Kirt M Denver CO

Have a Qwest 2Wire615 modem, Internet speed of 12Mbps (downloads at 9 Mbps), and a Roku 2 XS unit hooked to my HDTV with a HDMI cable. I can stream non-HD movies from Netflix but HD movies will start to retrieve and then just stop and sit there forever. I have tried going from the modem to the Roku wireless and ethernet. Makes no difference, won’t stream HD either way. Computer is hardwired to the modem and I can stream both kinds of movies to the computer. Any solutions out there?

Fixit Please!

ROKU Sync. Problems. Roku tech contacted me and said to delete GBTV entry in the Channel Store and then re-add the channel. Not much. Synch at beginning, and then 2 seconds separation near the end. GBTV says to “unplug for 30 seconds” Ha, ha, ha. They never tried that one! Useless. Same for 30 minutes unplugging. 3 1/2 hour unplugging got near synch at beginning, and then 2 seconds separation by the end. Same for the Crackle shows that I have watched so far. Everything was fine 2 weeks ago – so what happened? Virus loading onto the Roku?

Jim Inverness

I’m in Scotland. Is this Netflix fault via my Roku box a worldwide problem. I’m having withdrawal symptoms from Sons of Anarchy !!! Message says unavailable at this time. Someone help me lol

Sherri Barnes

My Roku 2. (Brand New) says that Netflix services experienced an internal error. Please try again later. I can watch Netflix from any other device in the house except my Roku. What’s up?


So, I had no clue that Roku dropped support for “older” models a few months ago. No more updates. I did a factory reset last night, only to discover that my device won’t update at all. It’s a paperweight now. The company’s advice for owners of older models is to buy a newer model. I will no longer be a Roku customer. Good luck everyone!


Please respond to this post, not the other one. I clicked enter before checking the email responses box on the last post. I have a roku3 that was working beautifully…when it suddenly stopped streaming netflix. I have done everything including factory reset, etc. It plays youtube,etc but not netflix. However my roku1 and my laptops play netflix fine. I get error code nw-4-8 which is a connectivity problem. Netflix says it is my computer network speed…but I have had no problems until now and I have the same speed…also, my roku1 works, so that cant be the problem. I have tried everything suggested on the internet and reset everything and adjusted my wifi channel. It just doesnt make sense. Anyone have an idea?