Kalon Wilkins McDonough GA

Randomly, out of nowhere a purple screen in Youtube says “DHCP Content Disabled” making it impossible to watch a single video or listen to any playlist, but the problem was rare and it was fixed by unplugging and replugging the unit. Thus I never saw the purple screen again when I used Youtube and they have fixed the playlist problem too. Thanks Youtube! I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colorado Pete

Purchased a Roku XD/S in mid-May 2011. Also purchased a new modem/router (Netgear N300 ADSL2+ DGN2200).

Using Netflix streaming as an example (I have also tried Crackle, Hulu Plus, etc.) I am able to watch any TV series or any movie on my laptop which is attached by cable to my LCD TV with absolutely no problems (no resetting, no internet loss) in viewing. My DSL download speed is constant at around 1.38Mbps.

When attempting to view the same programming while using the Roku unit, either with ethernet cable or wireless and with either HDMI or 3 connector cable feed to the TV, I estimate that 90% of the time I will have constant, very slow resets/reloading every 3-5 minutes; times of total internet connection loss for up to 2 minutes before re-connecting. Very discouraging to say the least. I have tried numerous times, re-setting the Roku/modem per instructions.

After looking at all the variables involved: DSL, internet, modem, Roku unit, I am beginning to narrow the probable cause as being the Roku unit. In conversation with a “tech” at Roku I was told the problem lies in the speed of the DSL service, that at least 3Mbps is required for the unit to function properly.

I need someone to explain to me why the laptop functions flawlessly at the existing DSL speed and why Roku will not!


I have 2 roku hd units that worked without any issues up to mid to late feb 2013. I’ve reset, factory reset, no resolve. Can stream netflix thru pc, macs, ipads, ps3. Both roku units buffer netflix at least 10 minutes then fail returning to queue. Other channels are not accessible, no connection. Network averages 15 – 25 mbps down. The main roku while testing shows in router admin, status wi-fi 100% signal, 144 mbs link rate. While the router software shows connection, roku loses connection intermittently. Router and Modem are current and firmware is up to date. No mac filters. Roku version for both 3.1 build 1027. No issues with any other devices.


I originally had a ruko 1 and upgraded to the 2 because the ruko 1 started freezing. For awhile the new one ran perfectly, however lately it has been getting “stuck” in the apps, namely Netflix and pandora. In Pandora it just stops playing music for 5-10 minutes which is annoying but I’m usually cleaning and not a huge deal. It seems to get stuck way more often in Netflix it has an error message that says “Netflix services experienced an internal error. Please try again” other times it just keeps trying to load until I get irritated and just hit the home button and turn it off. I’ve checked the wifi connection, updates, and settings. Nothing seems to improve it. I think I’m just gonna get an Apple TV unless I can find a solution to this.

David P

I bought a Roku 3050R and followed the directions, Got to the set up account and received a code from their website. Set up the account and went to finish activation of the unit. It stays on that screen and when I hit home button, it just gives me a new code to set up account with. Do not want to set up more than one account. My computer is a hard wired pc, but it did recognize my wireless. Ant suggestions?

Bill Lincoln Bend Or

I have been working with Roku support for several weeks to resolve WiFi connection issues. They finally gave up and told me to work with my Provider (Bend Broadband) to change the DNS settings on my router. Bend Broadband will not do this so my Roku is useless. I have several other devices connected via WiFi to my home network which all wrk very well. Bend Broadband says many customers have issues with Roku. My advise – DO NOT Buy a ROKU!!

K. Lal Ojai CA

You know I have had two Roku players for over 2 years and I am happy with it. It does some problems like right now I am paying $1 per month for Nowhere.com but it only works for only one wired system. Overall I would recommend it. Many of the commericals are taken off, you do not need a DVR and you can watch lot of programs which cable does not give. Also I must have saved around $2000 over two years vs. paying for cable TV