I got a Brand new Roku 3 and it starts up and turns on for about 3 seconds, and then restarts indefinitely. I’ve tried the reset button a few times as well as unplugging and plugging in and I’ve still never seen more than the Startup screen. I’m taking it back and I’ve already ordered an amazon player instead.

Ralph Sawyer Round Rock TX

I WAS happy with my Roku 3, for about 2 months. I have a gigabit internet connection, and a NightHawk R 7000 gigabit router. Not bragging just stating this so you can appreciate my flustration. I put the Roku 3 on the 5 Gig band, because that band is optimized for downloads, and the 2.4 gig band I have optimized for uploads. 5 Gig band has two laptops and two cell phones assigned to it plus the Roku 3. The 2.4 has 6 devices that primarily upload information to the Net. One week ago, I was starting a movie on netflix, when it got to 25% about 1/2 second, then it was stuck there and no further buffering occurred. I rebooted the router, still Roku 3 would not connect to router on 5 GIG band, Finally in desperation I tried the 2.5 band and it connected in less than 3 seconds. Annoyed that the 5gig band it would not connect I called Roku support. I told the Indian gentlemen who had me run through his scripts the issue was the Roku 3 no longer connected on the 5 GIG band and it says in the advertisements DUAL BAND! After 20 minutes of running his script routine, he said, see it connects flawless at 2.4 so everything is fine! He totally misunderstood what the issue was. I want a Roku 3 that connects on 5 gig band. My cell phone, right next to R3 in the home theater system, shows 5 bars of strength, but Roku 3 says there is not a signal there after it searches for 5 Gig signal. How do I convince them it is Their issue and not mine. Dual band means connects at 2.5 and 5. Suggestions greatly appreciated. In my opinion their warranty is worthless!

Jeremy Va

I have had my roku 3 for about 8 months now. It works fine for about a day. Then nothing will load even on search pages, this is for all channels. I can unplug it for 30 mins or so and everything is fine for a day, I have noticed that my box is hot ,but not super hot. I think that my roku wireless is overheating and needs to cool off to work properly. Is anyone else having this problem?


I have the same problem! I have the Roku 2, and I am on the latest update (as it DOES update everyday!), but when trying to watch a 90 minute movie, it must have gone to grey screen at least every 5 minutes. It’s only for a couple seconds, but how annoying is that, as you are missing dialogue and picture?!? Even when I went through the Roku menu to get to the update button just now, it “greyed out” 3 times!! It might be 10′ away from my router, which registers 72mbps on my phone, so it’s not for lack of connection! It also sits on a shelf below the tv set, at eye level, but it is certainly cooler than the 88 degree magic mark that I read could be an issue! I’ve gotta say! I am just about ready to pitch this thing and put a Chromecast on this set as well! I have one on 2 other sets in my house, MUCH further away from the router, and do not have streaming issues on either set.
Roku’s time has come and gone already?!


My XD model will not display my channels in the “my channels” section of the channel store. (did I say channels enough?)
They display fine in their normal position at the top of the page. These empty slots would not matter but as far as I know this is the only way you can delete them. I would like to thin them out a little.



Roku XD would randomly freeze. Have 2 that had the same problem. The problem is heat! Opened the cases, put heat sinks on the chips, and drilled 4 ventilation holes on both sides of the case. No more hangs. Don’t think heat is the problem? Use a hair dryer on your Roku when it is running.

Roku should be ashamed to put out an electronic product that generates heat without adequate ventilation. Engineering excellence, NOT.

I recently bought a Logitech Revue and it is an incredible improvement over the Roku. The Revue comes with a 3/4 size keyboard with touch pad which allows me to surf the web, check email, and log into my Netflix account. With an actual interface to the internet I have many more choices for streaming. If you use your Roku primarily for Netflix streaming find yourself a Revue. Logitech no longer produces the Revue but used units are on Ebay for about $40.

Needless to say I will never buy another Roku.


I couldn’t get Netflix to load on my Roku and came here through a search and read the responses to same problem. I unplugged my Roku for a bit and then plugged it back in and then had to sign in on Netflix and it is working now.

Fritz NY

Bought an R2HD Dec 7. Failed on Jan 7. No network, no video.
Roku requires that you eat the postage back after 30 days.
I called tonite and gave them the choice of reimbursing the postage $10 or reimbursing the cost of the Roku, which is on it’s way back.
They chose to refund the cost of the unit. That is one dumb ass company.
I’ll find a 1st gen AppTV to replace it.
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