Hal Chicago IL

My father-in-law, who lives in Florida, spent several hours over two days talking to four people at Roku support trying to get his Netflix streaming to work again on his Roku device. Why it failed to begin with I don’t know, but he finally had enough and decided to call me here in Chicago. I had him connect to his wireless network and it came up with a new code. Used that code to link the device to his Roku account and everything worked again. So why couldn’t any of the four Roku staffers do the same thing ? There was no magic involved.


I’m unable to complete setup of my roku 2. I now have two roku 2. Setup stops on step 4 of 5 (little circles denoting yout progress). I’m using the same account as my first roku. I’ve tried multple times without luck. Can anyone help me with this?


I’ve had my Roku about a week now and all of a sudden Pandora won’t load. I get the initial Pandora screen and then nothing. Is this a Roku problem or is this a Pandora problem? Everything else seems to be working and my wi-fi- signal is excellent.


I have a ROKU 1, and it is connected to a fairly new Toshiba 20′ TV, i bought my ROKU in December ( December 2015 ) and have had barely any problems with it up until now. Every time i go to open Netflix it says ” Retrieving ” and it like freezes there. i have tried un plugging and restarting deleting the app. I HAVE EVEN CONTACTED ROKU SUPPORT! Roku Support told me that it was my internet after they had run out of pre-typed responses. i am about ready to get an apple tv, amazon fire stick.. etc. I am fed up with Roku….. BTW this problem has been a issue since March 2016.. it is now almost September 2016.. HELP!!


I have a Roku 3, less than a year old. Roko plays fine with Amazon, however a large number of Netflix shows only plays video & no sound thru the Roku. Also quality of the video is not crisp on these shows without sound. these same videos play fine with thru my blu ray. So this is a problem between Roku 3 & Nettflix

I’ve swapped cables, both network & hdmi, powered off unit with no relief.

Debra Peterson Clint TX

Let’s tally, ok? $150 a month for Directv, $55 a month for DSL. That’s $205 a month. Ten bucks for Netflicks, so $215. A hundred on the Roku3. My Directv subscription includes HBO…. It is ridiculously slow. I began watching GoT at 7:30 tonight. It is now 11:49, I’ve managed to actually watch around twenty minutes of the show. The rest of the time, “Loading, please wait…” HBO is the only channel that does this. Everything else streams pretty well. Why is this? Do NOT tell me it’s because I need to PAY MORE for internet. My speeds are fine and yes I know how to test. Ditto, do not tell me I need to SPEND even MORE money on some other device to plug into this Rube Goldberg set of contraptions all wired into my four month old 60″ smart TV. Why is HBO so SLOW???? Is there a dollar amount, say, a thousand a month, or five thousand, or how about an annual payment of a sweet, even $10K that will actually allow you to watch it?

I am completely fed up. My meter is just about pegged with companies telling me that I need to Spend More Money, rather than admitting that they cannot or will not provide me with their promised services that I’m already paying premium prices for.

Deb Lanning Noblesville IN

I cant get any channels to download!! What is the secret, I want to utilize the webTV but when I sign on to my Roku, that isn’t even an option, I would download GlennBeck which is the reason I bought the Roku but cant even get to the download screen to see if it works, so far I only have crackle, netflix, and other paychannels none of the free channels are downloading. I know this is new and probably a simple fix but I don’t know what it is , can anyone help or have I just wasted $80.00