David Corbitt Whiting NJ

I’ve had a similar problem. I have a Roku 2 model 3100x and recently, ever since an auto update to 5.0, the unit will not connect when I power up my home theater system. I get a “no signal” message on both my A/V receiver and my projection screen. Chatting with Roku support for an hour and 1/2, they had me do a power cycle, replace the remote batteries, unplug-replug HDMI cable, do a reset of the Roku and the remote. Things started to work but I had to reset my activation codes, reactivate subscribed channels, reset user settings. When I turned the system off, next time I powered up the home theater, it once again was displaying “no signal”. Doing a power cycle of the Roku brought it back but I’m now convinced there is something wrong with the recent update to 5.0 that shuts the system down and makes it nearly impossible to restart when the screensaver timeout activates. I’ve just disabled the screensaver function and will see if that at least keeps the Roku alive during a period of non-use next time I turn everything back on. Note: I do not power down the Roku when my home theater is in Standby or powered down modes. Any help would be appreciated and any feedback that others are experiencing the same thing would give me clout to pressure Roku to fix this problem.

Shelby Mullins

Moved my TV into another room. Now it’ll play sound and have picture during the menus, but when it goes to play, the picture wont show up. It plays the sound, and when you rewind or FF it shows the time bar, but no pic.???


As others have posted: http://www.engadget.com/2012/12/24/netflix-outage/ The outage was neither the fault of Roku nor of Netflix, but of Amazon Web Services. The issue for us was that the 010 error code led us to believe the problem was with our own individual connections. The next time we receive that error code, we should remember this and know that the problem may be beyond our (and their) control. I have had a Roku for two years, used it almost daily on a wireless connection, and have had few problems with it. I live in a heavily wooded area where cable and satellite are not an option, so I have no intention of throwing away my Roku!


Same issue as others have mentioned. Started June 19th. Red screen…nothing else. We have two sticks and one box. It only affected the sticks. We had canceled the channel and reinstalled it. Nothing. Unplugged/plugged back in. Nothing. We then uninstalled, unplugged, waited, and plugged in, installed…and it took a few minutes, but it finally loaded! Had to re-enter my account information, and wait a few minutes and we are back on!


I constantly have to unplug and plug in my Roku player. I spent almost $130 to get the mlb.tv package to watch games on the Roku. I have yet to watch an entire game without a long disruption. Of course Roku blames my connections and wireless setting, so I changed the settings on my router and it still doesn’t work well. Is it any wonder they only have a 90 day warranty. I’m so surprised CNET gave it such a good review.