Hello – I have an older 1080i HD tv and earlier model Roku player. I have been using component cables with no problems. I recently wanted to try using a HDMI to DVI-D cable to try to get a better picture. With the HDMI connection the screen image is replicated 3 times. How can I resolve the problem?

M. Lira

Bought my Roku about 2 months ago. Keep having recurrent problems with inability to stream from Netflix. Have to constantly unplug it and even then doesn’t always work. Frustrating! I will try and return if I can if problems continue. Should have bought an Apple.

Alana Gilbert MN

I just got a Roku 2 about 2 months ago.. last night it started having problems. The first thing I had done was unplug it from the wall and then replug it back into the wall. That did not work. Next I tried unplugging the cords straight from the Roku. This did not work either so I decided to keep it unplugged for awhile (about an hour). After that I started it and did not work either. I tried restarting the Roku. It did not work. I tried the factory reset. It didn’t work either. I have no idea what is wrong with it. When it is turned on the roku flashes about twice then goes black for about a few seconds and repeats. I know for sure its not a remote issue or wifi issue. If there would be any advice to do then it would be very helpful.


I’ve been having similar issues with the wwe network app as well. It never wants to load the home screen and keeps taking me back to the roku homepage. Been having this issue for a few weeks now and wwe can’t seem to figure it out either.

Milt R Smith

Problems started few months ago when Roku2-XS started to shut down via HDMI direct to HDTV and simultaneous shut down of amplifier if connected that way. In the latter case the amp must be manually restarted. Seems to be triggered most often by sudden big program-source volume like gunshot. Now tried Roku3 and Roku4, withe the Roku4 even worse: program shutdown PLUS image freeze. No answer from Roku engineers.

Philip fayetteville GA

My Roku 3 is only 2 months old. Almost every night, in the middle of watching netflix (comcast internet), the show will stop and I get the “loading” symbol in the middle of the screen. It loads up to 25% and stops. I have to usually wait a few min, maybe turn off/on, or reset the internet to get it to work again. I just noticed tonight that on one show, the audio did not match up with the video. Last night it was making the “full array zones” of backlighting on the TV change drastically where it was unbearable to watch. Since my TV is a smart TV, I compared it with the Roku and it didn’t have any problems with the audio, flickering backlights or locking up. I don’t know why people are having so many problems, but I do see many of these being sold “refurbished” so I’m sure many people are returning their defective products.

John Brownson

We’ve got what I believe is a first generation Roku, little box and handset. It gave us good service for years, but lately it has begun not responding to the handset, and quitting in the middle of a show we’re streaming. Rebooting (unplugging and replugging the power source) will solve the problem, after a few minutes of the “dancing roku”. So, annoying but okay, as long as it doesn’t get any more frequent than it is.
I get, from other posts, that I should never update my Roku, as long as it works. The newer models seem to have a lot more problems than I’ve got.
The other thing I want to share, though, is that I’ve written to Roku twice, through their site, explaining the problem and asking for advice. I’ve received not a word of response. Nothing. Clearly, once you buy their product, you’re on your own. Crappy customer service, for a product with a lot of problems. I think it’s time to start looking for a better product.

Bill Wells West Warwick RI

ROKU and CLEAR Internet provider: I have had my ROKU for 14 months and I love it; it was always hard wired to my modem when I had Cox Cable – once in a blue moon it would buffer delay. I ditched Cox cable and internet ($120./mo) and signed up with Clear Wireless about three months ago hoping for better speeds and lower monthly costs ($45/mo). I has not been all bad but the Clear home modem/wireless router that I purchased must be in or by a window to get the best connection and I have ROKU connected wirelessly to modem. I have been getting mostly 2 dot connection and ocassionally 3 dots with the Clear service and I am having frequent buffering problems. I have moved Roku receiver and tried to reposition Clear modem, have not had best of luck yet. Please post if anyone has any suggestions.




I have been having the same problem with my DF on roku. Since 5 days ago it keeps on asking to check ny internet connection but other steaming apps on roku were playing just fine. I removed my DF from roku and also removed my DF app from my tablet 2 days ago then added them again today. DF is working on my roku now. I hope next time DF would at least make users know if theyre fixing something so users would not be left out not knowing whats going on.