Franklin Phelps Pulaski VA

We have Roku 3 and untill today things have been somewhat ok. Hulu has always had a hardtime staying connected and syfy could be a bit sketchy at times. Today,( 07/15/2016 ), nothing wants to load. House wifi is working fine, just roku seems to be having the trouble.

Blair Metcalf

I have a Roku 3, bought 2014. Roku screen comes up with a city scape scene and does not change to program selection, so I unplug the unit it and re-plug it. The screen may change to the program selections but the hand unit will not change the selections. The tv screen is frozen. What can I do?


Any one having issues with having to reset all your information over and over again. We have had since January and since have had to go through the initial set up about 20 times. It makes me create a new account number because it will not recognize my previous account number and then I have to assign a credit card over and over again. I do not know why this is happening and it is getting very frustrating! When it works it is a wonderful thing, another issue is HBOGo and Netflix both seen to have a lot of down time but I do not think it is a Roku issue? But then again I do not have the problem when I watch on my computer or kindle???