S London Tx

My roku won’t stop going into YouTube on videos that I don’t watch and will never watch, and I’m not even on my roku, plus my roku won’t turn off fully, it always turns off fully, because when I turn on my roku, it goes to my home screen without the logo or anything showing before. Help me please


My Roku reset itself in the middle of a show I was watching online at 7pm PST on Mar 20, 2012. With many tries, the network set up wasn’t able to connect to the local network, when all my other mobile devices on the same network is working just fine. Then, when it finally connected, it states that I can’t connect to the Roku server. So, I decided to unlink my Roku, but now, no matter how many times I try to get to the setting page, I couldn’t get to the activation code page anymore.
I also tried to chat with a rep online, but I was greeted by the first, then immediately transferred to another rep called Ferrari. Then, when that happened, it logged me out of the chat! This type of service is truly unacceptable!
Is anyone out there had the same problem as me?

kim guarnaccia longmeadow ma

My wifi Roku, for the past few weeks, hangs up almost every time I watch Netflix, no mater what time of day or day of the week. The movie shows fine on my computer and iPad so know this is not a Netflix issue. I have unplugged and replugged the device many times, without a successful outcome. Occasionally I can get it back online to watch the rest of the film, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when I can and when I have to give up and go watch the film on my iPad.

Is this a software glitch? Do I need to purchase a new unit? Thanks for your assistance as I have been very happy with Roku for the past year plus… until now!

Chris Wilcox

Try a force S/W reload

My new 2500X would stop streaming after a minute (Pandora, Netflix, TED …) and then not at all, my older Roku had no problems at all. This was out of the box. Tried disabling QoS, changing WiFi channels, resetting the box (would work for 30 sec then quit), reloading channels, all to no avail. Even though the S/W was the latest version, I did a force reload from one of the ‘secret’ menus listed previously. Now it works !!


Having a problem on selections screen that show tv and movies. It won’t click to next selection, but moves very slowlly in that direction if you keep clicking

Don Quinn

I bought the Roku Stick yesterday and the setup was not a snap. The instructions are not fully explained. Anyhow, I got everything going and we decided to stream a movie; and it was working fine and then about halfway thru; a buzzing noise came thru my sound bar. I quickly turned the volume down, the video was still streaming fine, the audio buzzing. I stopped the movie, then started it again, the video was fine but I had no sound, the Roku had blown my sound bar. Went to remove the Stick and it was real hot. I now have no sound bar

M.B. Louisville KY

Purchased Roku 3 Labor Day weekend, worked fine couple months then remote stopped communicating w Roku, light on Roku & remote not on. Instructed to remove batteries from remote, unplug, reinsert batteries & reset plug back in. This worked for that day, then same thing happened next day, etc never stayimg connected. Been instructed to send to Roku where they will send me another.


My Roku 3 is also not allowing me to load Netflix. Googled it, found this page and the suggestion to unplug and try again. That worked after a few minutes. I’m not happy with the idea of that being a permanent solution. Is anyone at Roku working on this?

bruce ryan new braunfel tx.

my roku started giving me problems after 11 months of use, I had been able to resolve by rebooting(unplugging power supply for several minutes). today i tried to watch my netflix, but could not connect, same problem i thought, so rebooted. after it came back there was no audio. i had been using it to stream pandora so i went back to it and no audio there as well. i went to the online support(chat) and was working with a rep., he had me do several things including resetting, which still did not work. when he asked if i was okay, and i repsonded no, he left chat. nothing! so i called support and spoke with rep. he had me do same things as well as try another hdmi cable, this time directly to my tv, still no audio. he recommended i try using component cables, still no go. so he starts with the reset and start all over thing. i gave up. asked to speak with supervisor or customer quality control, he refused my request. sadly i too was a proponent of roku, buying one for daughter and her new family, now i dread the call this roku thiong is crap!