The Don

Netflix will intermittently work and intermittently throw a fit with some network issue within the same evening. NO, it’s not a network issue as on the same Wifi router, on same home Internet connection using my PC, laptop or cell phone I can watch Netflix using the same account with no issues the moment Roku stops working. What gives?

Roku you are going down with shoddy firmware updates and I will do my utmost to deter anyone thinking of getting one. Totally unacceptable when all other devices work to prove it’s not an network or Netflix issue.

peter carney westerly R.I.

I have a ROKU stick and I have had problems with the remote. it will run threw channels and act dead. I pull the batteries out and put them back in that corrects it for a time. I have called service and had to reset remote. That did not fix problem . I called service and they want to blame the internet. I use this in two different places with two different internet services so that is not the problem. Its the unit!!!! There service is bad and they want you to be a computer expert to solve problem over phone. Channel 12 news said that ROKU is having problems with there remote on 10/7/2015. I know other people how have the same problems!! Another thing is they want a charge card. You should decide if you want to use a card or not and they should give you that option. I am think I will dump the ROKU, to many problems.

Paul Bray Apple Valley Ca

I just purchased a ROKU 2 about a week ago. Then out of nowhere it went to a black screen. I guess I fell for the hype on this product. No reaction to unplugging and plunging back in. Must be seriously cheap electronics. I’ll wait to see what happens on this site and I hear nothing, I’ll have to spread the word before any of my friends fall prey to this product.

Chris OH

Constant problems streaming Amazon Prime video on a Roku HD. Buffering occurs several times a minute some nights. When that happens, I’ll stop watching. Very frustrating. I don’t know if the problem is with Amazon or with the Roku HD. Sling TV performance on the Roku HD is also not great, although not nearly as bad as with Amazon Prime video. I also have an Apple TV, which streams Hulu, Netflix and HBO Now just fine. Any guidance on a fix is appreciated. Thanks.

Please fixit!

Yes, noted that voice is up to 2 seconds ahead of video on GBTV, but also noticed non-synchronization at Crackle as well. Am using the hard-wired version since I had so many wireless attacks. Started about 10 days ago. Had problems with the 10-23 GBTV broadcast stalling out and showing “loading,” but after a week of complaining they “fixed” it but now have the non-synch. on ALL programming. GBTV says to unplug for 30 seconds, then plug back in. No go. Tried unplugging for 3 1/2 hours. Would play OK for about 10 minutes and then slowly become unsynched. Am going to restore to factory settings, and then reinstall everything assuming that an internet attack loaded some virus or junk onto the Roku. Have no idea how robust their anti-virus protection is. Amazing quality for an RCA video connection. Only wished it worked better.


Having major problems with the Roku XS that I purchased from Costco Nov. 2012. Not Hulu Plus, Netlflix, Radio 356, nothing works! Should I do a factory reset on it? Any suggestions?

Forrest Burnett Alpine UT

I have the ROKU connected via cat5 with varafied 6meg down load internet . I have constant retrivel problems. Have the time the retrivel locks up and never retrives the signa. Requires going back to main munue and starting over. I think Roku is pure JUNK! Hopefully they will get some compatition and I can smash the SOB with a sledge hammer!


my roku 3 dumped on me. it powers on, it can run for a few minutes and then the screen goes blank.does not matter what app is playing. even does this at the menu. i have to unplug it to come back up. I’ve tried hitting the reset button and i tried doing a factory reset. i guess its broken for good. I ordered a new one. i got this one march 2013.


What’s going on with connection to Neflix on Roku 3?? Seems to be stuck on Netflix logo. I unplugged it, reset it to factory settings, nothing works! Been having problems since last week 1/16/15, keeps stopping and giving a message about the program, and to try again later??? I have excellent internet connection here. Where do I go for help?