Have run Roku for two years and today it stopped functioning with Netflix – very slow retrieval and cuts out every few minutes to retrieve- Netflix runs fine on PC but not Roku. wireless signal is good

tried rturning power on/off on everything nothing changes

do i need to do a rest and start over?


very discouraged…..i purchased a sharp t v that provided a roku stick…therefore roku will not assist. of course sharp tells me i am just out of warranty. isnt that coincidental… the end of my rope so i did a search and found your site, any advice would be greatly apreciated…….sinserely yours paul

checked modem speed

Both my Roku boxes (which worked perfectly for several years) started having buffering issues in the last 2 months. When streaming Netflix in HD, both will start fine in HD and then after between 5 minutes and an hour, the movie will reload, very slowly and buffer down at a lower speed, from HD to just 4 or fewer “dots””. I’m running it by ethernet so wireless speed isn’t an issue. I’ve been on the phone hours with Roku


CNNgo is not working on any of our Rokus (we have three), anyone else experiencing this? Problem started yesterday, 7/18/2016. We’ve done everything possible to resolve it on our end so now I’m just assuming there is an issue outside of our control?

Joseph Volmoe Schiller Park Illinois

I own 3 ROKU’s – and have given 8 away as Christmas gifts.
I bought my first one the same week as they came out.
Love it – however – as time goes on my HD ROKU’s are giving me more and problems with synching certain movies and also get “stuck” on certain movies – that I really would like to see.
How can I fix this problem?

James Firestone York Pennsylvania

I am having the following problem:
Whenever I play any movie or TV show, the entire screen turns a shade of purple and I hear the audio of the show but cannot see the picture.
If I fast advance the show, I see a small screen with the current screen.
Anyone else with the same issue?


I have 2 ROKU boxes. As of 8-31-2015, they both have stopped working. I have a great internet connection but they stopped loading. What is the deal. I noticed after 9pm a month ago, they stopped working. I tried the soft reset and factory reset. I even tried resting it by pressing the tiny hole in the back. I even changed the batteries. nothing works at all. Both of my Roku boxes are doing the same thing. What do i do? Looks like i need to just trash them.


I cant watch netflix either, first it was saying netflix was experiencing an internal server error. Reboot, still same thing. Removed & reloaded channel, now the main netflix page comes up, but all the selections are blank. All my other channels are working fine.