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I have a roku 3. Since the beginning of this week apr 28, 2014, my Netflix no longer works the same easy way..with the “Watch Instantly” menu. It’s gone! I contacted Netflix about this problem and they said that’s the way it is now. So I cancelled Netflix. When I go to my computer I see everything the way it use to be. Why not with Roku? My Roku device is not as easy as a computer but it’s been quite acceptable. Now the Netflix change is just Bad!


I am returning my new ROKU 2 / I just purchased it last week. Worked fine for and few days than it would not connect . My internet went down due I guess to streaming on the computer and Netflix. Well the internet is back after fixing it. But still roku does not work with any of the channels. I called the company Roku and they said it didn’t work because of hackers and they will charge me 149 dollars to clean up my computer. I sad let me check with a computer person my brother. Guess what no hackers. I am returning this pierce of crap back to the store. I will be buying a blue-ray player.

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This seems to be a common problem, and I am having it too. In terms of a SOLUTION, if the problem is with the wireless link then there is a workaround. Im using an off-the-shelf “network extender” or something like that. Its basically a two wall warts with an ethernet socket in each. You plug one in by your router, then plug in the ethernet cable directly. The other wall wart can go anywhere in the house, using the houses wiring system to transmit the signal, bypassing your wireless network. I know, sounds lame, but it worked great right out of the box and required zero setup. For our TV, which never moves, it is great.


read the hype, bought a Roku 3, tried wireless connection. Logs in, can’t connect. Couldn’t get it past the second check box in wireless setup, error 014, 2 hours on my own, 2 hrs with roku tech and reconfiguring my router per his instructions in every way possible, router 23 ft away, still not connected. A day and $90 wasted. Dont say I didnt warn you.

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We just purchased a ROKU and had no problems with set-up. Love all the channel options. However, Euronews, IRoad TV (Italian), Cooks Illustrated, Wine Channel, and other videos simply fail to load. We receive different messages. Euronews jumps to a load bar for about 1 second, then back to the main screen. IRoad loads to 33% and freezes. Cooks Illustrated says “error.” Wine Channel videos “time out.” Other channels seem to load with no problem.

What’s going on?


I experienced several problems like those described and after trying several obvious things like those suggested below, I discovered that the cable modem was directly between the router and roku 2 xs unit (using wireless to connect to roku). I moved the cable modem so that it was no longer blocking direct line of sight (about 10 feet apart), and roku and netflix started working perfectly again. Makes no sense, but it had been at least an hour since I tryed anything else, so weak roku wireless receiver? Low-flying UFO? Sun Spots? Hope this helps.

David CA

Netflix was not working on ROKU 3 for the past few days. Tried the easiest method by unplugging the ROKU 3 box from power for a few minutes. Reapplied power, now Netflix is working again after signing back into Netflix through the 3 box.