Margie Fresno CA

Having issues too. when I select a movie to watch on Netflix, it goes to a black screen. When I press the OK button on remote the movie ‘frames’ appear but the movie cannot be started. I seriously woke up to this problem. I reset my roku box and paired my remote; installed new batteries and checked my wi-fi connection and nothing has worked yet. Will this issue just fix itself magically or am I going to have to start all over with a factory reset?

Clyde Carraway Lucedale MS

While playing movie, message comes up “loading, please wait”. After a minute or so, the movie will come back on, but the problem seems to come more frequently and lasts longer after each episode. I got help from roku,com/support twice, but not I get a site that wants something like $30 to tell me what the problem is. Can this be fixed or do I have to throw the roku away?

Fullerton CA

FYI – If you try to access your account information on you should be re-directed to a “server internal error” page. Apparently they are having server issues, and that is why you cannot connect via your Roku. I called support today at 1:15 PST and they confirmed the server problem as being the reason why Roku owners cannot connect. No ETA yet on when it will be corrected.

Brad Starkey Spokane wa

We bought a ROKU 2500X about a year ago from Walmart. Worked fine for a while, then picture and sound started cutting out. Blinks off and on at random. Doesn’t matter what it’s doing. Could be Netflix, Crackle, Pandora, it’s own Menu, anything. Have done everything known and suggested. Multiple new HDMI cables. Soft and hard reboots. Reset router. Etc. Checked and rechecked TV and ROKU settings. Both set to 720p. 720p is all the ROKU will do. TV will do up to 1080p.

Info. – ROKU 2500X & Element 32″ HDTV HDMI, Model ELCHW321)

The only thing I’ve done that makes any difference is to unplug the ROKU power supply overnight so it will cool of completely. Then sometimes It will be OK for a while. Sometimes… Or, I can plug the ROKU AV outputs to my TV AV inputs and it works fine. Suck picture but at least it doesn’t blink off and on.

So bottom line, is this thing just junk?

EK Atlanta Georgia [GA]

I have two roku boxes, I can only get netflix to play on 1 box. It refuses to play videos on the other roku. I can view my instant ques, scroll through and add, but every time I try to play a video it will start to load then quit. I can’t make heads or tails of it. The only way I have been able to fix it is unlink that roku device to my roku account, but eventually it will start the behavior over again.


My Roku is 1 year old and worked flawlessly until December 2012. It would reboot occasionally but since December it has started freezing and rebooting itself at random times, usually while we are watching Hulu Plus or Netflix. I’ve tried several soft resets and even a hard reset. I have also replaced the power supply. We have less than 15 Roku channels loaded. Please tell me what might be causing this.

Thank You,


Have new Roku3. Able to hook it up and play it on my little stand alone TV in my kitchen but can’t get it to show up/connect on my big screen Sony Bravia tv (that’s btw hooked up to a home theater — Sony home theater). The video from the tv passes through the cable box to the theater and the sound goes directly from TV to theater. That’s how it’s always worked. Now I tried hooking the new ROku3 up to the TV itself via HDMI, via HDMI to the cable box and via HDMI cable to the theater/dvd player — but the Roku’s just not booting up like it’s supposed to. What am i doing wrong?


Roku’s problem is they use really poorly designed wi-fi hardware and software. I have over a dozen wireless devices in my house. The only one I ever have problems with is the Roku boxes. I switched one Roku box to a wired connection to fix the issues with that box. Unfortunately my crappy Roku 2 has no wired connection.

For my 3rd box I purchased an Amazon Fire. Much faster, never has a problem with the wireless connection, and the user interface is much better than Roku.

Though I still occasionally have problems with the notoriously buggy Netflix apps. Netflix is worse than Roku on customer support. I called them one time and they told me to call my ISP to ask them to reset their network. I ended up re-installing the Netflix app to fix the problem I was having. What a bunch of clowns at Netflix’s support center. Amazon is eventually going to eat Netflix for lunch.


I REC THIS BOX FOR CHRISTMAS @ MY REQUEST. Have recommended highly to anyone who would listen to me. Now it will not stay connected to wireless. And, as we know support does not exsist. Thus,now I say buy at your own risk.

The Mad Streamer

If you have a newer Roku and have been experiencing issues with the box…please try this:

Turn on your Roku.

Click the home button 5 times, the Fast Forward Button 3 times and the Rewind Button 2 times.

This will bring you to a secret screen.

Next, you will see a button that says “update software”.

You should see: update 3672 to version 3672. Click yes to update it…(yes update the same to the same).

Let once it completes the update it should open to the Roku jingle screen and then re-open to the home screen.

Try Netflix, or any apps that are giving you issues.

My issue was with Netflix. I was only getting a black screen with a NW 2-5 Error that states that it will retry the connection in 30 seconds.

That is now gone and I can now stream again. Looks like the Roku Auto Update to OS 6.2 ver 3672 was bad. Reloading it corrects the issue.

Give it a shot!

Orlando Ortiz

I have 2 roku xd2’s and one roku TV. The xd’s have booth started freezing, requiring a reboot several times a week. This started happening with both around the same time. As far as I can tell this is not an issue with the TV. Any ideas?