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I am also having problems with my Roku2 freezing. It freezes 3 or 4 times each evening. I usually have to unplug and plug the Roku device in again at the wall. Sometimes it reboots itself. I would call customer support, but from the comments I see they aren’t fixing the problem.


The day the first Roku came out I purchased one. Still works to this day. We thought we were having issues and my wife got me the XD version. Worked well for the most part. The remote died with in a couple months (using the old Roku remote) and this unit freezes up all the time. Sometimes firmare updates fix things and other times it seems to break things. We use the Amazon Prime a lot and this thing constantly freezes when viewing Amazon content. I still love the Roku and the idea of it, just feel they need to work on software QA a little more. I really WISH it would support SMB or DLNA, it would complete everything and I would hush about doing often hard resets…… I know the 2 is their bread and butter but I want some focus on XD support…… My only complaint, we have replaced cable with this but I don’t want them to become the new Apple and replace the product with something newer every year!


I have been having trouble with my netflix account through my Roku XD box. netflix loads, but not nearly all the movies that was on there. I used to have 50 choices (for example) for New Movies. Other categories have disapeared. I have only 5 movies in the “Horror” section….what is going on? I contacted Netflix last night and they said I should contact Roku….I can’t be the only person that is having this problem all of a sudden!!!


Does my Roku have a hard drive? The reason I ask is some options have slowed way down (HD fragmentation?) and it is really wonky (bad sectors?). The wonkiness is that it is not responding after a certain number of presses of the direction key. I have to back out one step and reenter to be able to use the direction arrow again.


I was having problems playing all channels. The movies would play for a few minutes and then buffer. I read that installing too many channels causes that, and the game “Angry Birds” is the worst offender. I uninstalled most channels. No have only 5 channels in my favorites. However, Netflix is the only channels that is working okay. Crackle will only load the first two lines of movies and the rest of the movie boxes remain gray and will not load. Anyone have any advise. I already have reset Roku to it’s factory setting.

Gary Watson Columbus Oh

For about a month I’ve had intermittent problems with Hulu Plus, I’ll be watching a program and it suddenly stops and goes to retrieving the program, plays for sometimes less than a minute and goes back to retrieving or to a commercial (which always plays fine). I’ve tried unplugging the Roku, removing Hulu and reinstalling–nothing works. I’ve contacted Roku and Hulu and they haven’t helped (Hulu did give me one month free). It’s a first generation Roku player that I’ve had for over a year with no other issues.


Channels only play on specific devices? I have 2 Roku 2 and 1 Roku XD. I added the PBS channel using my Roku 2 , however there is no PBS channel available in the Channel Store for my XD. What?

So I can’t add the same channel to all of my Roku devices? This is very annoying and disappointing. My program viewing is dependent on which TV I watch?

How can I add the PBS channel so that I can view it on the TV connected to the Roku XD device?