Ruku 3 locked up on red Netflix screen – just noticed today… what’s up? Netflix plays fine from other Netflix enabled devices on same network. It’s definitely a Ruku issue. Amazon works fine from Ruku – just Netfix is locked up. Hopefully they come out with firmware update asap!

I navigated to the ‘sign on’ button and held down the ok key and presto I am”

My son gave me a ROKU last night. Setting up including connecting to the router was easy. I had no problems linking with my Hulu or Amazon accounts, but Netflix was a different story. The Roku just would not accept my password. I tried changing my password at the Netflix site too but their site was “having technical difficulties””. After a couple more attempts


I’ve owned a Roku 2 XS for 3 years now having no issues except an occasional reboot. Got a 3 for Christmas and cannot keep the remote sync’d with the base. Been working with their tech support for months now and they can’t do much. They wanted me to change my router settings (no auto channel or dual band) which I tried over the course of a couple weeks causing issues with my other previously working wireless devices, many resets and going into the secret settings page to update the remote firmware. Also asked that I try moving the base at least 6 ft away from the electronics. We had the darn thing sitting in the middle of the room for a week and still had the problem. I would not recommend this version as it appears to be flakey.

Jerry A

I am 70 years old and have a ROKU 3 and have never had an issue with anything! It is not a ROKU issue it is a problem with the status of your connection and the speed provided by your internet service provider, use a speed tester that you can find for free on not one that your provider says to use. GOOD LUCK


We have a Roku 3 and a Roku XS. Both have the same two issues:

Problem 1) while watching TV on any app (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO GO) the screen will flash to black and then back, and the ‘HDMI’ source box will pop up, as if it’s disconnecting and reconnecting. We have tried unplugging and replugging the HDMI chords, and changed out the HDMI chords completely. Still no luck.

Problem 2) while watching TV on any app (again, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc.) a white line will all of a sudden flash across the middle of the screen and the sound will go out for 5-10 seconds. The video’s fine, problem is just with the audio.

The longer we’re watching TV, the more frequently the issues occur. I’ve contacted Roku support several times and had no luck. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!!


Just purchased Roku 2 XS for a Christmas gift. Set it up today. All the channels work except for Netflix. This is extremely disappointing. Checked Netflix, it’s up and running. There must be something wrong with the API that Roku is trying to connect to, I assume. Haven’t had issues on PS3 or Xbox before. The one thing I noticed different is that I log into my account on Roku instead of the unit activation I had to do on other products. Other than that, there shouldn’t be any problems. >:O

Nancy Clemmons North Carolina

On Saturday the streaming was fine. On Sunday it’s been horrible! Most of the stations I watch it either freezes or says it “cannot connect to the server.” What’s the deal? Is it my Internet (ATT) or the Roku? It is virtually useless to attempt to watch programs.


I have a XS 2, and I have ALL THE SAME troubles with slow streaming ( my WYFI SAY’S I’M GETTING 54 mbps “EXCELLENT”) or lately since the upgrade, it goes all the way back to the menu, or to the “bouncing ROKU”, and I lose pairing ALL THE TIME.

JUST A NOTE: SETTING THE FACTORY DEFAULT Works fine as a temp solution, but be prepared to have to enter your password info etc on all of the channels you use that require it (ie: HULU. Amazon, Netflix…etc) 🙁 I had to do it three times in the last week.

To be fair – I had one GOOD experience with ROKU’s support after several bad ones. IMPORTANT: He told me that sometimes you need to hold the button for up to 20 seconds NOT just the 3 secs that it says in the instructions. Any other ideas?????

Thomas Foty

MLB has not worked the last two days on my Roku 2. Gets as far as “retrieving” .. but gets stuck there .. sometimes freezing a rebooting. I have it on ethernet, with reserved IP address from the router and my other channels seem to work fine.

kokonet NM

Wireless issues ROKU2 XS.

I bought a ROKU2 XS exact 90(warranty period)+11 days ago. Everything worked great till 2 days ago when I couldn’t connect my ROKU2 player to the wireless router. If I scan the networks I can see it but doesn’t want to connect (always I got a pass incorrect/check case MSG).

I tried with 2 routers (both worked before) a PEPWAVE SURF 200 and D-LINK 610 in 2.4GHz. First I had WPA encryption but I tried with NO encryption also and I got the same error MSG.

Doesn’t want to connect to the router alt all. Did factory reset but didn’t help.

The Wired network works fine so far.

Any help with the wireless issue would be appreciated.