Mary Simas Orlando FL.

I feel y’all’s pain, but the solution to your Roku problems is to first do exactly what you are doing by posting your complaints and returning the Roku devices. When the money stops flowing in is when Roku will care about the unreliability of Roku. As long as customers suck it up so that there is no financial loss to Roku, the things being described here will continue. Do not be fooled by insincere apologies for your inconvenience when you call them because all they are sorry about at that moment is that you are bitching to them. Remember that song from the 1980’s “Money Changes Everything”? It’s true, and it is time to put that fact to the forefront.


“Roku 2XS started having the Welcome Screen ‘Bouncing Roku’ Hang after Auto and Manual update from 1178 to 1195.”

I am having this exact same issue as well and it has rendered my Roku unusable, as it hangs each time I restart or hit the reset button. After resetting, it tries to Auto update to 1195 again and the Roku hangs when it reboots at the bouncing Roku screen…


I have roku hd. Works fine on all channels except hulu plus. On hulu plus it speeds up without warning and goes silent. After a couple of minutes, it freexes up and then goes through the entire process again.

PanPan Birmingham Al

I purchased a roku 3 a couple months ago from Target and all the apps work fine,except for hulu plus. It reboots everytime I press hulu plus. Doesn’t even load.
My other roku2 worked fine , for the most part. It would at least load and I could get through my shows. It’s all on the same configuration, so I don’t understand. What the hell, hulu?!!…or Roku?!! Hulu was my go to channel. What can be done?

Peter Deland Fl

Our remote on Roku 3 has worked great for months on end and now it’s loses it sync. I’ve somehow got it to re sync a couple times , but it basically keeps undoing itself. Up it reads ROKU in huge letters on the screen and that is it. I pulled batteries out , unplugged power to devise and rest button on remote and eventually it just seems to finally reset. But it acts like it was never connected and searches for pairing and then reconnects. Anyone else having a similar problem?


we just purchased the Roku3, and it is giving us the “HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled” message, with the purple screen.
We already turned off the roku, re-plugged the cables, but now it’s doing this in the middle of watching a show.

This is unacceptable! our old one wasn’t doing this at all!

Mark Hall San Diego CA

Hi, just bought a ROKU2 xs. the HDMI plug in point on my tv does not seem to be associated with any of the input or components, so I cannot figure out what to do. (I tried scrolling though all input/components and just get a blank tv screen……. any help would be appriciated! thank you!


I have been on the phone with Century Link, my wireless server for over a month now trying to figure out why my Netfilx kept pausing and reloading frequently during programs, then dropping off to a picture quality that was very poor and almost embarassing for the equiptment I own. I was talked into increasing my download and upload speeds in an atempt to resolve the problem and had spent this evening measuring the house so I could buy a video cable so I could hard wire the modem. Since my modem is receiving the full signal speed I purchased, I figured the problem had to be in the wireless signal to the RUKU box. I had not had any previous problems with the RUKU box since I purchased it years ago so did not question that the RUKU box was actually the cause of the problem.
On a hunch I figured I would google RUKU with the intentions of upgrading to a newer box, thinking the old one was not capable of keeping up with the HD or high speed internet.
I stumbled upon this site on the way to trying to purchase an upgraded box and am very glad I did !! I will be telling everyone I know about this site and the problems that RUKU is experiencing. I will also try the trick posted earlier about deleting then re-adding Netflix to see if this helps me.
My company here in Colorado has almost 5 thousand followers on Facebook and will be posting the same comments about the terrible problems RUKU is having on my page in an effort to help others experiencing problems with RUKU.
I hope this helps drive someone from RUKU to take notice and address the issues !! Otherwise, if the problem is not resolved, I will be deleting RUKU from my entertainment system completely and recommending that everyone I can contact to do the same.
Thank you for starting this site, and to all those having problems I can relate!! I hope the voice of the people can effect a positive change in this situation.