Deb Taylor Lyndon Il

6/14/2013 I bought the Roku HD Model#2500x at Wal-mart in Dec of 2012, My daughter came home from work to find it melted and very hot. Granted we haven’t used it since my credit cards were hacked and I just haven’t changed accts. But no usage shouldn’t put it into melt down mode! Any Re-calls ??

Linda Kestner

Roku LT streaming screen for PBS has evidently been redesigned and printed text is unreadable. Seems like it no longer fits my screen. For a very long time, only PBS has shown an audio blip that scrambles the screen and voice repeats a few words of dialog before it recovers. This now happens with increased frequency of perhaps 20 times per one-hour show. TED has undergone a redesign as well with same unreadable screen and talks won’t load at all — a choice first appears to load but then reverts to “watch now” over and over. Do I need a large flat screen TV and or a new Roku? If new TV, how about a Roku TV? Has anyone actually had a good streaming experience with a Roku TV?

Bill Groves

ok my Roku does work how ever when i go to my plex account to watch a movie or a show it just says loading know i just got a new modem from xfinity and the wi-fi router i have is a linsky e1000 and they are both hooked up because if i disconnect the linsky the roku doesnt work at all it says its all connected but none of the sites i have on the roku will connect…so what Im asking is my wi-fi router to slow for the roku or to i have to rewire the xfinity modem or do i have to call comcast…..please help my email is

Lilian American Fork UT

I’m in UT and the same thing that happened to the people below is happening to my Roku:

My Roku is giving me the same problem with GBTV that the other person wrote about. Every other channel works fine, but I can’t connect with GBTV anymore. It just flickers back to the “play” screen after I hit play. I have only have one Roku box and haven’t tried a factory reset yet. I might try one soon and I will report back.

The worse part is , after I called Roku with the problem they told me they would help me to “fix it” but instead my Roku dosen’t connect to the internet anymore.
Why is this happening only to Glenn Beck viewers?


I’ve purchased SIX ROKU2 XS’s over the last two years and every one of them has the same problem with rebooting in the middle of streaming, primarily on Netflix (multiple times a day) but rarely on Hulu Plus and almost never on Amazon Prime, PBS and Smithsonian. Two of my ROKU’s have moved out with the kids (hard reset before leaving) but the rest still have the same problem.

Now, how in the world can six different machines all have the same issue without Roku or the channel developers KNOWING they have a flawed design or software?

There are only two of us in the house now and we watch different shows a lot but we have a Cox Communications 50Mb download speed with static IP and up to 700GB of data downloads a month. Heat is not an issue either as all are well ventilated and cool to the touch. I would add that heat is a lame excuse for poor design. All but one is wireless but that doesn’t matter either. The one that’s wired has rebooted four times today.

Ernie Boulder co

I’d stay away from any ROKU device if you like to stream Pandora. I’ve had three of them. They all three skip/hick-up when streaming Pandora(Netflix worked fine). It’s been 6 months and it has yet to be fixed by ROKU. It’s REALLY REALLY BAD when listening to Pandora! I don’t even stream Pandora on ROKU anymore. I use other wi-fi devices. I’d never recommend a ROKU device again to anyone. Too bad nice concept just poor customer service and product software fixes. Buyer be “very” ware!


I read all the great reviews on the roku 3 and purchased it,what I found was a constant interruption of the movie so it could load. The movie plays for 5 seconds and then has to stream for about 20 seconds before it will play another 5 second clip. Another major flaw is that unless you pay to not have to watch the commercial, the commercial is 2 – 3 times louder than the movie…so you constantly have to play with he volume on your tv or your ears will bleed from the massive change in volume. What should be about an hour and a half movie takes about two to three hours to watch due to the constant stop start due to the never ending download.

robert Magnan

Just hooked up my my Roku and everything ran great for 2 days.

Today I went to get into Roku, (requires changing source from HDMI 1 to HDMI 3 to move from Verizon FIOS to Roku) and the pic was fuzzy with no sound.

Don’t think I did anything else to change settings.

Any ideas?


OK. Netflix working on my roku again. here’s what i did in the exact order.
1. delete netflix channel from my channels
2. unplug roku for 1 minute
3. plug roku back in and go to channel store.
4. reload netflix and entered all account info and sign in.

This worked for me. Hope it works for u as well


Hello. Dr Z again. I do believe in my case the problem was and still is with Netflix, not the Ruku box. The picture and loading problems do not happen on the other Ruku channels. I also have a smart tv and the Netflix keeps dropping out and coming back pixelated through the smart tv. I also notice that Netflix works just fine very late at night, so I wonder if somehow Netflix just can’t keep up with peak hour demand. I have a friend that told me she has heard of other friends of hers having Netflix problems through other servers that do not use Ruku. So, I am now thinking the problem is related to Netflix directly… least in my case. Thnx


iheart radio stopped working on both my rokus. Tried unplugging power, reinstalling iheart, everything else works. Get message ther is no internet connection, but there is no problem as all else works.


I, too, experienced the Netflix red screen of death for the previous several days. All other Roku channels working fine…
netflix works on Mac and iPad.

Two nights ago, I deleted Netflix, rebooted Roku, reinstalled Netflix.

Red Netflix splashscreen persists.

Suddenly Netflix started working yesterday. Just one minor problem; skipped ahead 4 episodes of where we werein MadMen ;-(

Allen Fannin Laredo Texas

Two problems:
1. When I attempt to access “Channel Store”, it takes a minimum one hour to open the screen with the options. (In other words, for at least a half hour, I’m left looking at a screen with a purple background, a white television icon, and the words “Channel Store”. Odds are that if I leave it as is, and come back to check it in a couple of hours, I will finally be presented with the selections.

2. Netflix works on my computer, but no longer on my Roku. I tried to eliminate it and reinstall. NOW, when I attempt to connect Roku to Netflix, I get a screen that says “To have movies streamed instantly from Netflix, go to your computer & connect your Roku to your Neflix account. 1. Visit activate 2. Enter this code: Retrieving Code…

After about 2 seconds, this screen switches to another which says “Activation Issue. There was a problem activating. Please select “Get a New Code” and try again. When I select Get a New Code, it jumps me back to the screen above for 2 seconds, and automatically switches back to the “To have movies streamed….” screen again.

Essentially, the system refuses to give me a code.


ROKU 3 model 4200x it worked fine using wired network connection and HDMI to Tv. the wireless module turned on by its self and it cant be turned off trust me I`ave tried every thing. it runs 24/7 actively searching the wireless network for devices and attempting to connect and failing to do so every time. it broadcast a SSID direct-roku-693-b145a security wpa2 psk radio type 802.11n. as a connection access point. the wireless network INTERFERANCE it causes with wireless devices is major. I cant get any help from ROKU SUPPORT after repeated attempts and email they do nothing. So I had no choice but turn it off. it`s now a NICE LOOKING PAPER WAIGHT. that cost me $100. and only worked for 6 months