Dee DALLAS Texas

I purchased my Roku almost a year ago. Recently it started freezing up on most channels, or reloading in the middle of watching a show and the light on the box would be bright never to go out. Now I have to hit the reset button underneath the box allow it to reload each and every channel before it will work. Prior to resetting, I would unplug the entire box and nothing. I don’t want the high cable/dish/direct/att bills which is why I purchased the Roku but this sucks. I want to chill out and watch TV without having to do the technical crap.


I think I have finally fixed my Roku player. It was always stuck on the synchronizing with account screen and I finally went online and deactivated my account. When I opened a new account, everything started working again. I hope this helps someone else who is having the same problem. Now I have to go and add all of my channels again. It’s a pain in the butt, but at least I can now use it again.


Can I assume this is yet another Roku death when my roku player is cycling Roku loading, please wait and cycling back into black, then the whole thing again for infinity.. Are these some of the very worst products out there? Is this something much better I could buy?


I’ve had a Roku XS for a couple of years and it has worked great up until about a week and half ago. It just says “No Signal” on my TV. I’ve switched out the HDMI cable and tried it on another TV and it still does not work. The white light on the front keep flashing, but nothing on the screen. Any thoughts?

Robert DeVito Ocal Florida

I have 4 Roku boxes which all woked perfectly for a little over a year. I have now had a breakdown with 3 of the 4 boxes with the wireless systems. When hard wired to the router, they do perform. When I contacted their support, the agent did admit, there in fact was this problem. It was very common and steps had been taken to fix the glitch. Their support area is terrible as the call center in India hires agents with poor English language and communication skills. If they are contacted by email, you get an immediate response with a case number and are notified, you will be contacted in 2 business days. This is untrue. I have never received an answer on at least 10 sent messages. Finally about a month ago I subscribed at the Roku Store to the IMAX channel @$19.95 where their menu consisted of 10 nature films of about 50 minutes each in duration. When I provided Roku my credit card information I was under the impression that it was a one time charge. I was sent an invoice of my payment and several minutes later received a message, and was advised it was a subscription with an ongoing monthly charge of of $19.95. I sent many messages to cancel and never received a reply. Its too bad that it appears Roku is self destructing in spite of having a product with excellent potential.

Lisa Budwig Lemoyn PA

Past two days I’ve been getting kicked out of Netflix. All other apps seem to be working fine. Had to reset my Roku 3 last night to make it work and it did for several hours. Watching today, Netflix worked for a couple of hours, but then kicked out of streaming for no reason. Wouldn’t let me access Netflix again, so I restarted my Roku, then I got into Netflix, but it kicked me out repeatedly every several minutes, and I kept opening Netflix and resuming play until I finally finished my show.

Can’t tell if the problem is Netflix or Netflix on my Roku 3.

Big J Hagerstown Md

Suddenly, within the last week, I can’t beam anything from my iphone to my Roku through Rocket Roku app. Or any other app I try to sync with Roku. The Roku detects the signal, but the content stops as soon as it starts on the tv screen. I tried reinstalling the app. Restarting phone. Restarting Roku. Still getting the same results of being unable to beam. If anyone has any suggestions please post them. Thanks for the help!


I have a roku streaming stick.
On one TV is get picture and no sound, switched to another TV and now have sound but only blue screen when movie starts. I do have video at the menu until I start the movie then the blue screen comes up. Any ideas?
Support is no help, as you have to wait 30 minutes and when you do get through you have to be able to understand some language other than English.