Bobbi Sundeen Charlotte NC

My problem is really with the YouTube app. I recently converted from Roku 2, to the Roku Stick. I did have to have my wireless company change the “channel,” due to interference. After that all seemed okay. However, the YouTube app has real problems. Ads that do not provide the “skip” option, often stick. The ad will play, and then the screen freezes and the actual video does not play. It is frustrating and annoying.


I am having issues with the Facebook application. All of a sudden I am not able to see my friends’ pictures and videos, none of them, which I used to see. At the same time, My Buzzvideo, a private channel for youtube, also is not working and I cannot see any video. I don’t know what is going on, I have not changed anything. Anyone with the same problem?


I have had my roku 3 for about two years. Suddenly, over the weekend, it was saying that I was not connected to my network. I re-entered my network passwrrd and it connected. The one channel y gf watches constantly, youtube, will not come on. When I click on youtube, the screen goes blank and stays blank. Every other app on the roku seems like it is working. Only youtube will not load up. Has anyone else had this happen who can tell me how to fix it. I have tried unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Rolland Blodgett Dover fl

Been having a problem with the Blaze. I do understand the streaming aspect but my system stops to reload about every 45 sec + then it takes about 90 sec to set back up. What gives?
I have contacted Roku support a couple of times, we have spent a total of hours to straighten things out but this problem keeps popping up. Is this more Cheeeeze equipment?

Jeannie Carr

All of a sudden my Roku just freezes. For 3 days now I have not be able to watch anything. I have a Mac and recently downloaded an update for “flash player””. Could this be the prob? I can watch tv on my computer. I don’t understand. I’m stuck!”

Wil W Pittsburgh PA

4 month old Roku streaming stick keeps rebooting randomly. Affects most apps as far as I can tell – Hulu, WWE Network, etc.

Tried different power adapters – I think the unit itself is just junk. Hopefully amazon will RMA it, since I don’t have the box anymore.

Candy Boynton Beach Florida

I have Roku 3 and while watching a movie everyone began talking really slow. Checked the HDMI cable to see if loose on the TV & Roku box. Fine. Then checked the Audio Settings on the Roku, changed from surround to stereo. Still having problems. Switched back to local stations to see if was the tv and everything is fine. Now, I have shut down my modem & wifi router. Leaving it off for a while. The only other thing that I can think of is my dsl connection?

Niall London

My Roku streaming stick has suddenly stopped working with Netflix about a week ago. I keep getting a Netflix server nw 2-5 error message. I have rebooted my wireless hub, uninstalled and reinstalled netflix repeatedly but to no avail. Roku blame Netflix and netflix blame Roku. My sympathies are with Netflix as it still works well on all other devices so there must be a reason why Roku cannot connect. Can anybody help? I am tearing my hair out.

Chuck FL

i have a Roku 4, its the third one and I like it but recently it started over heating and flickering very much when using it. I went into the settings and activated the fan mode but NO change. It seems it might be a fire hazzard!!!!


Just bought a roku 3. None of the tvs or dvd players in the house have an hdmi connection so we bought an hdmi to rca cable (hdmi at one end and red, yellow, and white rca at the other end). Just went through the set up process and cant get an image or sound on any of the 3 tvs. Not sure if it is a faulty cable or faulty roku or what. The rca ports that I used are all working perfectly with other devices plugged into them. Any ideas?