Matthew Ferguson Mayfield Height OH

I currently have a Roku player and my warranty lapsed on it a few months back but my problems were happening long before that. I was a very proud owner when I first received my unit back before all the different models. For the first couple months no problems. Then my wireless would just drop out even after connecting it to a hard line no luck so I called customer support and it was the network card that failed. No problem they sent a new unit out fast and returned the old. Few months later the picture started to flicker but nothing terrible then it wouldstop. So called up support they blamed the TV. OK, now flash ahead a few months later the entire HDMI port doesnt work at all no picture or sound. Got on the tele and called tech support after hooking the player up 50 different ways from Tuesday and using 3 different TVs they think it could be a bad HDMI port but ohhh guess what the warranty has expired. Asked if I could just purchase a new model maybe pay a discount price NOPE what about a repair NOPE unless I pay for all shipping and such which the price of the unit will be less than the repair. Nothing at all…. I have a small black paperweight and a few hours less of my life to show for it. Thankfully I purchased atleast one TV that has a wireless connection so I can still watch netflix and the kids Wii helps a lot. I can say that I use to tell people about the Roku and recommended it if people asked but now I will definitely advise people to maybe look into APPLE TV or a set that has a network card built in. I am truly let down.

Robert Karl Virginia Beach, VA

Single Strimming Stick worked fine on all 3 TVs at first, but gradually things got worse on my main TV. The screen on the main TV continually has the ROKU dancing letters or goes back to the error code that there is no signal/connection, and the stick blinks a blue light. When I switch the same stick to my bedroom TVs, all is fine. The problem with the main TV got progressively worse over 2 weeks of use. Now it rarely goes to the home screen, but when it does, 2 or 3 clicks of the remote sends me back to the error codes and blinking stick. Again, things are fine using the same stick on other TVs. Any advice?


I have a Roku box attached to my TV in bedroom and I also have a Roku TV. My Wifi is strong yet I cannot load any channels. It keeps telling me it is loading then it goes back to the screen I started with so I try again. This started yesterday and I keep trying. I have rebooted my Roku box and updates my wifi connection. I am also still connected to the internet. What is going on???? Maybe it is time to switch to the Amazon stick!!