Marie Star Id

bought this box in January. There are certain shows only on Netflix that won’t play any sound. All other channels seem to play sound just fine and its only certain shows on Netflix that won’t work. It always has a click sound as it loads and then I know there won’t be sound. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Miller Kansas City MO

We signed up for PBS passport to watch more shows that were previously locked. We synced to up with our Roku account with code. Everything unlocked, however, when we try to play something, it plays for maybe 2-5 minutes and then freezes. After a brief freeze, it pops over to the Ruko start screen with the dancing letters. It does this every time. We have shut down the device, unplugged it, to no avail. What can be done to remedy this?

PJB Atlanta

I’ve had a Roku player 2 years. Everything worked well playing Netflix for the first year. Then, on some occasions, I could not get Netflix to play but I’m not a slave to movies so I put up with it. However, now it will never stream Netflix in the evenings although Crackle and You Tube channels work for instance. Netflix plays in the mornings! I assume the problem lies with both the Roku device and it possible the signal from Netflix deteriorates during peak times to the extent that the Roku cannot cope? Since my iPad, positioned where the Roku device sits, always picks up Netflix I’m blaming Roku.
My advice, if you haven’t bought one yet stay away from Roku.

An Unhappy Camper

I have something of a info junkie, and like to see what’s happening in the rest of the world. I got my Roku about a year ago. Lately I have had a problem with Live Station of getting kicked off slow loads and ITN will not play, I’ve been getting crappy video quality. Blip.TV sometimes just freezes. When I disconnect the player and reconnect it works for a wile I’ve tried re setup. This has been going on for over three weeks. Everything else works fine most of the time. Thank for the Web site I hope Roku is listening.

Everett WA

I’m getting a “can’t connect to internet error code 010″” but it’s only when I try to connect to Netflix. This just started. Wondering if it’s an overload problem. “


Well, I just got off the phone with roku support with a “synchronizing with account”” problem. After several hard resets I was told that I was sent a bad player. It is just a couple of months outside the warranty. The support person kept saying that they have players that last 3 or 4 years


Have a Roku 3 that until just the last few weeks Netflix was fine. Now it starts to download a movie and it stalls at 25%! Anyone else having this problem?
Netflix streams fine on my Ipad and my Mac Laptop.

Gerry H Cedar Rapids IA

I’ve had three different Roku devices in the last four years. Until recently they all worked fine with just an occasional reboot.

Lately my Roku 3 ,circa 2013,keeps requiring me to log into Netflix nearly everytime I click on netflix. Previously I could go months without logging into netflix.

Roku tells me to unplug the roku and wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in. That does not work. Next they yell you to delete netflix and reload it.. that does not work either. And if you call netflix they refer you to Roku!!!!..Catch 22.

I have to state that my roku works fine on any o ther channel.

Jim Barr

The Roku Hulu app appears to be no longer activated. I tried to select both “login with password” and “activate with code” and it can’t retrieve the code. I get an error that says, “Something went wrong” and to contact That URL is not working, so there must be some system issue on their end.


Folks, this addresses most all of your problems—-See Ron’s post below. The old classic Rokus are the best. They were made when quality was a thing of importance. I have one of the old classics that still works like a charm, BUT the latest ones do not have the quality built in. They get too hot and melt components inside the units, and that is that! If you can afford it, solve all your problems by buying a Smart TV, and pitch the Rokus, Logitech Revues, etc.