Our Roku LT is just a couple years old. Up until a few days ago, I could watch shows like “Cold Case Files” on A&E and some shows on Lifetime. But now when I select one of the shows, the show will not play and after about 30 seconds, it goes back to the “ROKU” screen and starts over. I have done all the updates. Any ideas about what to do at this point? Thanks in advance.

Erica Seaberry Las Vegas NV

My mom’s original Roku HD box worked fine up until today. We try to access Netflix and it gives us a “retrieving”” message before going back to the home banner screen. We have tried unplugging the router & modem. we have tried unplugging the Roku Box. We have tried deactivating the account and we have tried the Factory Reset option NOTHING has worked. i called Roku who politely informed me that it would cost me $9.99 for support help over the phone and then said that it was a Netflix issue and to call them. I called Netflix who spent 30 minutes trying to get the application working to no avail. The rep then said that if we are not getting an “”error”” message on the Netflix screen and if the app won’t load it is not a Netflix problem it is a Roku problem. A problem they had 2 weeks ago but told Netflix that they had corrected the issues. So now what? We just get stuck with a box that is barely a year old? Has anyone been able to correct this problem yet? Anyone?”

Richard Wellington

My Roku 3 and Netflix has worked great until 3 days ago when Netflix tells me it hasn’t come to this part of the world. I use UnblockUS and I have checked my router, my laptop gets to Netflix and shows movies etc. without any problems. I have restarted my Roku and logged out of Netflix and logged back in again, but I can’t get past the wrong part of the world screen. Have you any other ideas before I factory reset the Roku ? – thanks

Joe Arias

Followed Been ther Done That advice. Roku now working again. Thanks.
Here it is again:
ON ROKU3, Press the following keys in the order shown, HOME 5X,UP 1X,REWIND 2X AND THEN FF 2X. It will take a minute, then you should see the ROKU Screen saver on screen. Press OK, when the original start screen shows, select NETFLIX and PRESS OK. This fixed my ROKU3 – NETFLIX problem today.




Our son bought his dad a Roku 2 for Father’s Day. We used it about 2 weeks max and then it started freezing up. When I picked it up to examine it, that’s when I noticed it was fire cracker HOT. My husband said “No way was that thing staying plugged in and burn the house down” so we unplugged it and took it back to the retailer to swap it out for a new one, hoping we had just gotten a dud one. Well, tonight we hooked up the new one and 30 min later, it’s getting hot as well. In my opinion, I think this company has a faulty product that they need to figure out and resolve and stop wasting peoples time and money. Am taking ours back for a refund, tired of the hassle and getting our hopes up that we could actually be able to sit back and enjoy the product without worrying about our house burning down.

ROKU…step up to the plate and redesign your products to be safe and work properly!!!

Steven Day

Going to www.gbtv.com/roku presents me with a big red button in the upper right titled, “Click here to activate your Roku!” – When i click it, I am sent to this URL -> https://secure.gbtv.com/enterworkflow.do?flowId=commerce.cart.activate&productCategoryCode=gbtv_roku&keepWfParams=true&campaignCode=GB_ROKU_PARTNER_CMPGN&voucherCode=GB_ROKU_PARTNER_VOCHR&freeGame=true

And then on the screen it says this:

There was an error. We apologize for the inconvenience. If the problem persists, please send email to customerservice@gbtv.com.

GBTV does not offer any phone support at all, and in addition to this, the $100 annual Plus subscription I paid for has never processed in my account. So far this has been a nightmare experience… Customer support via email takes at least two or three days to respond, and when they did respond they ignored my entire email and had a standard blanket response that everything was fine and closed my ticket. WTF??

Mike Blow Eugene OR

MLB TV streaming rate has dramatically decreased in the last few weeks. I used to get a very brief (1-5 second )loading, please wait message 1-2 times a game. Now message appears 50 times a game and can last for many minutes. Happens with live andarchived games. Ive tried rebooting Roku, ethernet etc. Help !

Edwin L

My roku 2 was fine until a couple of months ago. Something changed. Now it crashes nigthly. Im sick of it. Im starting to wonder if roku is doing this to make people buy rokus 3. So what is this ROKU??? You want me to go and get a roku3 and next year you are going to push a faulty update tell me I have to go buy a roku 4??? …well If you don’t fix my roku 2’s netflix, thi is the last roku l’ll ever buy.

veryspecialladie Hendersonville TN

I have had a Roku for about 5 or 6 months and at first it would not hook up to my clear internet. I then hooked it up with an Ethernet cord and it finally decided to work on the Wifi. Well I have had to contact the customer service several times to reset it but this is nothing new with the television streamers I have used. BTW anytime I called customer service I was not given any answers to help and I had to fix it myself. Well today I was watching Glenn Beck on it and suddenly it disconnected and would not reconnect. I reset and changed the batteries several times but the remote would not come back on. I chatted with Roku customer service and now they say the remote is bad that I can have it replaced for $30.00 since I have had it over 90 days they would not warranty it. This remote has not been used by children playing games or is not used rough in any way. I have not had this machine for a year yet and the remote has gone out. This company keeps sending people out to find out how to sell their machines more. I can tell them how to sell more would be to stand behind the ones they have already sold. I am so tired of spending $100 or more for items that do not last even a year with no children tearing them up. If you have money to just keep throwing at companies because the value of their products stinks buy a Roku. If I had known I would not have bought the trash they sold. I do not intend to buy another remote and throw money at them when the value of their product won’t last till April after being bought at Christmas time.