I have a Roku 3 that allows me to access the home screen, pick a channel and a show and start the show. After the show plays for a few seconds, a bar appears at the top of my TV screen then slowly covers the entire screen. When this happens, there is no sound. I can turn my TV off and Roku is back to normal, but repeats the cycle. Can anybody tell me if I need a new roku or what my problem is. Roku is a year and a half old.

Brad Somervillle MA

Roku 3 no longer plays 5.1 sound through my vizio TV which passes to a 5.1 capable soundbar. My blu-ray play works fine in this regard. It forces me to put the roku in stereo mode to get audio. It’s highly irritating, especially since Roku’s offshored support is unusually irritating.

Just to trouble shoot, I’ve tried changing ports, cables, and even another roku. They all had the same problem.

Ron stafford ct

I used to have the old roku unit that was in a metal box. It worked great for years. They talked me into upgrading. Better picture, more channels, etc. Maybe so if it worked . I have been un installing and re installing netflix for the last 3 days. Phone support was no help. It works for about 5 minutes, if it does at all, then that’s it. Netflix plays fine on my laptop. I find this most frustrating. I’m almost ready to throw it out and never have anything to do with roku again.


Internet ok, cbles ok, after the first image on tc “ROKU” for a while it frezz on language screen…does’nt repond to any commands..Just do reset, unpluge cables and then conect again….but the same issue appears…What should I do to fix it?..Hope you can help me….


I have seen this Roku/Netflix problem described on some other websites. Yesterday, I watched several things and had no problem. Today, the movie will not load properly, will stop frequently and load again. This is happening with all movies that Ihave tried today. Sometimes I can watch less than 1 minute of programing.

dave tampa

hay my roku box froze amd i unpluged the box wate 2 min put power back on hit the ok button and hold it down for a count of 10 them hitthe home butten and it came back on hope this help you ….dave

D Davis Hansville WA

When I select FoxNews and click on a any of their newsclips, the video begins to load, then loud, sharp static; then my screen goes blank; then moments later, it begins to load again. Then I get their sponsor’s commercial, followed by more screen flashes, and static, and then the blue bar, loading very, very slowly; suddenly the video displays, but without any sound, then another blank screen and back to the blue bar, and finally, finally after a couple of minutes it loads up and displays properly. I do not have this problem on Netflix, but have experienced it on Acorn, Pandora and Pbs. I realize that the FoxNews is a complementary service, but I’d like to know if this is Comcast related, Fox related, or something ROKU needs to address.