Bubba4729 TX

Seems like the Netflix problem started the last couple days. Same thing on me “3”, but no problem on my XD. Both units are wireless and strong connection. I have no problem with other channels.


I just got a Roku 2 about 2 months ago.. last night it started having problems. The first thing I had done was unplug it from the wall and then replug it back into the wall. That did not work. Next I tried unplugging the cords straight from the Roku. This did not work either so I decided to keep it unplugged for awhile (about an hour). After that I started it and did not work either. I tried restarting the Roku. It did not work. I tried the factory reset. It didn’t work either. I have no idea what is wrong with it. When it is turned on the roku flashes about twice then goes black for about a few seconds and repeats. I know for sure its not a remote issue or wifi issue. If there would be any advice to do then it would be very helpful.


The YouTube channel on my Roku 3 keeps logging me off YouTube. Playback will stop right in the middle of a video. I can’t go more than 30 minutes anymore without YouTube asking me to log in again (which is a pain to do, as it requires you to re-register your Roku with a phone or PC). It used to almost never require me to log in once I had registered my Roku the first time.

Rob Texas

Roku tries to update from Build 1178 to Build 1195 fails restarts then hangs on the ‘Bouncing ROKU Start up screen’.

My Roku 2XS started having the Welcome Start-Up Screen ‘Bouncing Roku Logo’ hanging after trying auto or manual update from 1178 to 1195.

The only resolution is to pull power for 15 seconds then let Roku restart. It then reverts to Update 1178 until the next Auto Update at which time it again hang on welcome screen **INDEFINITELY** until power is pulled then restored after one minute.

I recommend Roku 2XS users not to update manually until Roku fixes the ‘glitch’. Unfortunately the Roku will again Auto Update again within 3 to 24 hours after restart. It will again fail then hang on the start-up screen.

Build 1195 is buggy, has errors in the code, and is a general disaster for Roku at this time.

Even if Build 1195 installs then restarts without hanging on start-up screen it will eventually cause all kinds of problems with the device. Consider yourself fortunate if it just hangs on the start-up screen and does not install.

!! Build 1178 in the LAST STABLE Update Release !!

Please call Roku free technical support between 8 am and 8 pm PST and report your issue.

See this on Roku Forums:

Roku 2 XS Software 5.1 build 1195


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Larry Summerville

Surprising roku is still selling units..i have had and continue to have same problems as others here. First roku2 received as gift last Christmas. Once hooked up, dropped ic, slow load speeds, buffer reloads, etc..Netflix especially. Sent back and got roku3. Seemed better initially, but then same old same old. Support is a joke. Tried wtg in cue two or three different times for online chat 42 to 96 mins…it dropped me both times when under 7 and 4 mins respectively..won’t try that again. Once when called in, after wait, found out needed to check my modem and router/settings or install on a better t Modem and router setups for wireless all good. (works great for 2 laptops and 2 other smart TVs…go figure). HDCP unauth..msg is latest. Unplug/replug power on roku sometimes fixes…problems connecting to internet also often an issue…like roku goes brain dead..multiple re-attempts seems to work eventually….all to just watch a Netflix movie. Tried all other suggested fixes (deleted/readded channels) but still get often. More trouble than worth when 2 other smart TVs work fine. When finally wkg, can watch that session mostly ok, but next day may start probs all over again.

andy oh

Roku won’t play….starts to retrieve then goes back to the “play” screen. Tried unplugging and resetting the unit with no success.
Found a website to get answers………for $38…..thanks but no thanks.

Long Branch Nj

My husband received the roku as a gift and it plugs right into the USB port in the back of the set. For two days it was fine….now when watching a movie on Netflix …that little red circle spinning is popping up every 10 minutes counting down. What should we do…thanks for any help.

Kathy Forrest Marysville wa

My husband and I just bought our second Roku XS. We love watching GBTV on it, but have to move the unit to different rooms when we want to watch in different places in our home. I am not able to get my new Roku to set up on GBTV. I will not accept the new code I enter. It figures that it is Friday and GBTV offices are apparently closed for the weekend.


after entering the correct wireless password, it keeps asking me to make sure that to check that the router is turned on or the password is incorrect (error code 014). I’m sure that the password is correct. please advise. Thank you.