I don’t know about anyone else, but in addition to the “connection issue” (which I have resolved…kinda) I can now only see the “My List” of movies on Roku. I have a 2000c model, Roku HD.

And after doing a lot of connecting and disconnecting of cables, routers, accounts, etc. I got it working. But I can’ search Netflix or see any “recommendations”.

Super frustrating. And what’s even more, is I can’t seem to find anyone else that’s experiencing a similar issue. Wondering if it’s my Roku unit or still a connection issue.


Carolee Port St Lucie FL

Bought the Roku stick a week ago, I’ve been using it wihout problems till I changed the channel to see what stations I would be able to watch with just the antenna (like local major networks for news) I found NBC but that’s all….when I tried to go back to Roku I just see the Roku name bouncing around the screen but haven’t been able to get back in. I put it on HDMI2…I’ve rebooted…ALSO the stick is quite hot to the touch.

Jimmie L. Holman

PUSHED UPDATE has cause problems/damage to BOTH of my Roku’s … NEITHER works now. Support is non-existent … staff are apparently idiots incapable of understanding English. …. making the excessively long hold times a total waste of time. Nothing is worth the BS I sat thru this morning with their “alleged” support person (once I got to them). …. I would likely accomplish more by talking TO a toaster!

I’ve had absolutely NO issues in the past … but today’s support experience has made ANY FUTURE Roku experience highly UNLIKELY.

Frankly … I think a class action lawsuit is in order ….. for pushing something we didn’t necessarily request and damaging our access to other services which many of us have paid for. I plan on giving BOTH of my “paperweight” units to my lawyer …as a gift of course!

I hope Boxee kills em dead!


I haven’t had my Roku very long. Probably a couple months. It was working great at first, then I got an internet speed upgrade and Netflix started having problems loading. I talked to Roku support and they had me try some things, and I tried the trick with updating software in the secret screen. They seemed to help temporarily. I have sofar figured out how to almost eliminate the problem completely. They tell you when you set it up that it is not neccessary to unplug it when it is not in use because it doesn’t use a lot of energy. Well I’m sure it doesn’t use a lot of energy, but I unplugged it last night and let it “cool off”” overnight. I got up this morning and plugged it in and it is working great! Just unplug it while you sleep and give it a break. It’s as simple as that. It may not fix all problems