K tacoma wa

My Roku model 3050X was great for about a year and then it started to freeze. It works only after resetting it, but you know that is a lot of hassle to log in using a remote. Very frustrated. Wonder if there is a better product out there to replace Roku

linda coon rapid MN

I am having the same problem, my roku player was working fine and then one day it would not connect to the internet, have talked to my internet provider, roku and the maker of my router and have got no solution. I even had Roku send me a replacement player and it doesnt work either and I have to say Ive had it, everyone is saying its someone elses problem. These technicians simply give me a big headache.


We are having trouble with our Roku 2. Last week there was an error message and we were unable to get Netflix. Tried troubleshooting the Wi-Fi connection and doing all the resets. Got it to come back on, but now it cuts out every minute and reloads. Should have bought the Apple TV..

Tony Heath Ohio

I have the Roku stick and when I watch Hulu, the audio of the program I’m watching will start about 1 full minute before the video completed loaded. Therefore I miss about a minute of the episode’s video while listing to the audio. It’s very frustrating. Is there a simple fix to this issue?

Mike Maserati Philadelphi pa

After doing some research online comparing units. Cnet recommended the Roku. So i got the xds thinking i just go for the best one they had. Set up was super easy i was all excited for a min. Then the problems started. The audio started getting lots of static after the unit had be on for a while. Unplugging it would solve the problem for a while. I couldnt go through that. So i did a live chat with customer service and the couldnt figure out the issue. So i was told i would be sent another box right away. A week later i had to call to find out where my new box was and was told oh were sorry it hasnt been sent yet but well get one right out to you. Ok a week later my new xds shows up. Again im excited. I go through the set up about 25 times before it connects properly. Link it with my account to my channels back. And now the new unit disconnects on its own the screen does weird flashes and all kinds of junk. So at this point im over the whole Roku thing. So i get in touch with customer service to a RA number for unit 2 And was told its now to late for a refund so im stuck with the second unit but send the first one back or ill be charged for both units. Not to mention i could only understand about 3 of every 10 words the guy on the phone said. What a piece of crap and what a piece of crap company. APPLE TV HERE I COME.


I have a Roku SX. This unit have provided excellent service for several years. Recently I have been watching MLB TVs coverage of Spring Training. The last 2 days no games will load. The radio coverage will load but not the television coverage. The Roku starts to load and then seems to time out and go to the Roku screen. My subscription is up-to-date. I have followed the troubleshooting suggestions. I have reset the unit. Uninstalled / reinstalled the MLB TV app. Nothing solves the issue. As a note: All other channels work just fine (Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, etc.)

Oli London

I’m trying out a Roku 3, but it won’t connect to my wi-fi (BT Hub 5). It doesn’t work if I plug in ethernet either.


The problems with the Roku 3 started immediately I got it, when the remote wouldn’t pair. And then when I tried the iPhone app it apparently can’t see any devices on the network. So I’m just stuck on the Language selection screen and can’t get past it to use the box at all. Infuriating!

– I’ve tried turning the password off the wi-fi in an effort to ‘open’ the network (sounds silly now I write that down).
– I’ve done all the standard Roku factory resets, etc.
– It worked like a charm when I took it to work, so it’s definitely the connection here at home

Any thoughts, pointers, or even solutions!, gratefully received.

Many thanks,


Jennifer H. Paducah KY

I have never had any problems with my roku before. I got the new update and now nothing will load. I checked my router. It is good. The roku will connect to my wifi but will not go to the local area connection, and then internet. It just verifies the wifi, and then will not connect. None of my channels will work.